What could be scarier than waking up from a coma in a Berlin hospital with amnesia and no identification? This movie will make you forget your troubles as you fret about the leading character. Liam Neeson is strong, appealing, and vulnerable as the star of “Unknown” – the Alfred Hitchcock style thriller opening this weekend. It’s an expertly done action movie with a compelling and suspenseful, if somewhat far-fetched plot. That’s all we’re going to tell you – except see it as soon as possible, before you hear too much about it. It’s highly entertaining, Berlin is captivating, and you will walk out satisfied, for a change. All this and as a bonus, our friend pointed out, there’s no gratuitous sex, nudity, or obscenities.


  1. Yes, I fully intend to go see it. It looks very interesting in the trailers and I love intrigue and mystery and suspense. And Liam’s not bad either!

  2. He is throwing major intensity into his work right now.
    Who do you think is a better actor Reta? Day Lewis or Liam?

  3. Patrick: not sure I can answer that..Day-Lewis irritated the HELL out of me in Nine. His scrubby whiskers were NOT sexy, nor was his scrawny un manly bony chest and frame. I think in real life all of those women who were paid to pretend to swoon over him would have run off screaming in real life is he had hit on them looking like THAT.
    I did like him in, what was it called? There Will Be Blood (?) Something like that. I had a concussion recently so am not on top with my memory at present time.

    I also haven’t followed Liam Neeson in much either. Can’t even think of a role specifically I remember him in, but I liked the trailer and commercials for this new movie and like the premise. It’s worth spending a few bucks to take a chance on maybe getting to see a good movie.

    Incidentally, the new Anthony Hopkins movie The Rite was really good and he played a larger ranging charactor in this one.

    I think in general, the absense of Hitchcock in the film industry, is blaringly obvious.

  4. And, Janet, no people eating each other in a doomsday downer like The Road.

  5. Daniel day louis is more versatile than liam. At least anyone can name one movie Daniel is in, who can name one or even remember who he is without thinking of his better half that died unexpectedly.

  6. If you get a chance, look up “Under Suspicion” at your local video store. The one made in the early nineties starring Liam. There is another named film with Gene Hackman so don’t confuse them. The Liam Neeson flick involves Neeson being accused of murdering his wife. Well done with a good twist at the end. I didn’t see it coming.

  7. Although the portrayal was a little over the top I have to say Daniel’s, Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York was a standout. Incidentally Liam was good in Gangs too. But not as good as Daniel Day Lewis.
    Hi Indy.

  8. Sebastian does not mis-spell his own name, unless it was on purpose. From memory: It was tiAn, not tiOn.

    Reta: A concussion?? Bummer!!! I hope you are OK, and the word ‘hope’ is all that I am allowed to use concerning your being fine now. Oh yes, spankings are somewhat hard to take.

  9. Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York was beyong chilling. My favorite film of his however is Last of the Mohicans. No one wore deerskin pants better.

  10. “Unknown” seems to be getting mixed reviews, but I think it looks interesting. I liked Liam Neeson in Woody Allen’s movie, “Husbands and Wives.”

  11. True Confession: Liam used that Irish donkey dick of his so skillfully and movingly on Peter Saarsgard in “Kinsey,” that Mamma’s Mussy started steaming and frothing faster than a Starbuck’s cappuccino machine during the morning rush—so Daddy had to take care of some Mussy business RIGHT THERE IN THE THEATRE.

    “Two thumbs up!” on the movie—even though it’s the reason we both now have police records in Piscataway, New Jersey!

  12. Indeed….. Daddy was out on parole. That cage meat got Mamma’s mussy smokin like a trucker’s break pads on a mountain pass.

    Did he ever frost my snatch cake!! Mamma couldn’t walk for a week.

  13. Sounds like real fun Mrs!! Next time invite me along when you’re going for a frolick!

  14. Indy: yes, a bad concussion, broken arm which is STILL broken (since Oct 15th) and two discs in my back bulging. Trying to avoid surgery right now on the arm & back, will know in March. My head is FINALLY starting to feel somewhat back to normal but still having a hard time retrieving names. Thanks for caring.

  15. Reta, I am truly sorry, you poor kid. If you have a little dog to comfort you, you will get better faster. When I was sick, my precious Spot would hardly leave my side. Which makes me despise the sub-human @#&^%@(*&^%$$$?>”:+@_&^%#$^&*!@&FC$#X#@!_+?:”%$ Michael Vick even more.

  16. Reta, Mr and Mrs PC wish you a speedy recovery.

    We both look forward to your posts, sorry for your painful situation and hope you are doing well.


  17. Much love and thanks to all. Unfortunately for strom and Gerard Vandenburg, I will live. Altho I don’t suggest getting out of the car on the freeway when you have a blowout. Humongeous trucks apparently take great humor in getting level with you and BLASTING their immense horns in your already freaked out head, thus sending you topsy-turvy, head and brain first onto the pavement, arm askew somewhere behind you. No problem, at the time I was just pissed off because my glasses flew off and busted and my brand new (cute) blouse was now covered in blood from my torn open temple where I had landed full force on the shoulder of the road in front of my car. Some passerby phoned in that I had been hit by a car because they saw me go flying and crash to the ground.
    The funniest thing about having a concussion (for me) was that for over two full months every single morning when I first opened my eyes the entire bedroom was colored Robin’s Egg Blue in a cellophane candy way for about a second and a half and then POOF! it was gone, not to be seen again until the next morning no matter WHAT I did to make it come. None of the Dr’s had ever heard of that before. But, finally, that is gone now, and just still having the bit of name memory problem.
    Hoping to not have to have back and arm surgery, but will know in about a month. Tired of the pain and the arm being broken, altho I can use it limitedly.
    Sorry to go on. Someone will assuredly now blast me for hijacking the site and “making it my own” so I’ll just go ahead and say “fuck you” to them now and get it over with. Peace!

  18. Saw Unknown tonight and found it suspenseful and fun. It even made me jump a few times. Keeps you guessing until the very last frame.

  19. PS: Indy, yes, I DO have a “little dog”, seven pounds, a black yorkie. “No such thing” but I have one, don’t I? Lucky me! Her name is Etta! She’ll be 12 this month and still looks like a puppy!

  20. OMG Reta, I am so sorry to hear that. That truck driver was a prize @$$. I hope you heal quickly and don’t need the operations and that your memory comes back.

  21. I’ve been sick almost 2 days with food poisoning, but crimey, shut my mouth, that’s nada compared to Reta’s misfortune. Lots of wishes coming your way to GWS.

  22. @)–>—– a rose for you Reta. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. BigHug

  23. Reta—Ditto what my incomparable missus says; hope you’re feeling better and on the mend.

    (And feel free anytime to join Mamma & Daddy for a “frolick” on our YouTube Channel. ;))

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