Rod Stewart turned 69 tonight accompanied his wife Penny Lancaster as well as three of his eight children (with four different women.) Kimberly, Sean and Ruby celebrated with Rod at a Sunset Strip restaurant. He brought his own bottle of special wine. He still has an admirable head of hair, but is he getting SHORTER?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Janet you are mistaken. Rod has 8 children with 5 different women.

  2. Theres no fool like an old fool. Tragic when u refuse to realize some things in ur life…. Had he been a taxi driver, would she still have married him? Please….

  3. Rod works both sides of the streets….he is said to be a great gobber! Send him to bi island!

  4. At first blush I thought that was a pic of a geriatric patient with his attendant trying to cross the street.

  5. He isn’t getting shorter, his wives are getting younger and taller.

  6. Totally agree xyz. Both look very foolish. Are those shoes he has on from the leprechaun store?

  7. He has always been short, and yes, he’s probably shrinking with age, most people do, as the soft tissue of their joints thins out.

  8. This union by far exceeds Tiny Tommy Cruise being shorter than his 3 wives. This height and age difference is absurd, proving once again that weirdness abounds in H-Wood and nothing should shock.

  9. Camel toe much? Even for a million dollars, I don’t think I could go to bed with that at night.

  10. Stom, and that is precisely why his voice has that weird husky strained sound, like uh, he always sounds like he needs to clear his throat.

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