John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter has something in common with Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Kendra Wilkinson. Someone is trying to release HER sex tape without sharing the profits! Rielle’s lawyers are in court trying to get a cut of the profits from the sex tape she made with former Presidential candidate Edwards. Edwards’ former assistant Andrew Young, who wrote a tell-all book about his boss’s affair, “The Politician,” is eager to release the tape, but now the court has seized it and the trial is set for September.

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  1. Nobody wants to see this VERY homely woman naked OR having sex, no matter WHO it’s with. Hence, a portion of its sales will still be NOTHING!

  2. Even if she were a stunning beauty, I still wouldn’t want to watch her sex tape. Rielle needs to keep the nasty to herself. Gross. Nice role model for her daughter.

  3. Simple…Janet is supplying hits to the Liza junk on HSN….in return for a little $$$. Lesbo’s giving lesbo’s a little helping hand!

  4. by saying this she is the same person as all those other pathetic americans.

  5. We men are pigs and the world knows it, but there times when even we see the world a little different. This is one of those cases, Rielle, we don’t want your tape or to see it.

  6. She’s a predator. I doubt she feels anything for Johnny Boy and just got her claws in him and got herself knocked up for the cash. You mean to tell me a woman her age doesn’t know about birth control? Edwards is a sick man to leave his wife for a pig like Rielle. Who leaves a cancer stricken woman who popped out kids for you at 50??? His daughter probably hates him.

  7. She got exactly what she wanted….a paycheck for the next 18 years.

  8. Kylie, I agree with you. JE has shown the WORLD what a pitiful excuse for a human being, father, husband, and lover is he by doing what he did to his dying wife with this skank of a female. I really feel sorry for that baby to have that skank for a mother AND that pitiful creep for a father. The poor kid seems doomed with THOSE two for a start in life!
    Elizabeth can and hopefully does hold her head up high, and move on, knowing the country is behind her 100%! Too bad I’m not a man, because that’s the kind of woman I’d be looking for!

  9. Reille, John isn’t going to marry you now.

  10. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen Ben looked great and in really great shape and Tennile you crumbled on the fish stationn and Trevor you have not changed one little bit and Jillian your still sweet and Van love your screaming nad yelling...sexy bastard says:

    Some men are frustrated and need extra sex and some woman already know about there so called wives and still choose to cheat and that is what we call blood sucking leaches who are making money off there man? But extra sex is needed with men who have high sex drives and as long as some one cheats there will always be books about those men. Share is care and…It is all about who did the work and how much money it will line one pockets up with.

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