Now we KNOW he’s reformed. We remember a few years back when Colin Farrell, 36, would stay at the Chateau Marmont and walk to all the bars on Sunset for some heavy duty partying. The sexy Irish actor ended up with quite an assortment of short but spectacular flings with various women – including Britney Spears! In those days he was a BIG drinker and not that difficult to pick up, if you know what we mean. Of course, he had a few other bad habits too. Now he says he’s given up whiskey and cocaine and he’s taken up yoga. And he really enjoys it! As we said, now we KNOW he’s reformed.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. yes, it is good to read about someone getting control of their life…I think he has a bunch of kids to worry about.

  2. That Man just looks Hot and Sexy as Hell and as a actor..He has grown on me and my goodness his body is smoking hot and completely do-a-ble often cross my mind in other words, There would not be a no going across my lips if he wanted to have some fun!

  3. I Love his acting and his body and this man is just looking so good and sexy and handsome and real deal that is a thrill and make you want to be with him and kick it with him but this man is truely in great shape and a body to die for but it looks to me that he is an amazing man who is in control of his body and really works hard at what it takes to be a movie star but he really gets worked out on his movie rolls and he is just really taking the best care of his self and really flushing out negative and making himself feel positive.

  4. My comment was deleted and it was “G” rated. Wassup?

  5. I think this flop of Total Recall made him rethink his image and strategy. Bad Boy is part of his carefully designed image. Seen many bad boys doing cheesy movie flops lately?

    I don’t see Colin changing anytime soon.

  6. Ew, never saw the attraction. To me he always seems scummy and in need of a good wash.

    Good for him if he’s cleaning up his act, though.

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