Was Lindsay Lohan’s romance with Harry Morton a FAKE from beginning to end? We told you about their mutual love of publicity and the many photo-ops they set up together to make themselves more famous. (Those “candid” shots are all staged!) Now we’ve learned that they share the same publicist and THAT publicist set them up to meet last summer at a beach house. This same publicist has arrangements to share information with the top celebrity magazines. So this publicist took credit for making Lindsay and Harry a famous couple and kept the magazines happily informed also. Lindsay might have even been PAID to make Harry famous. All because it would benefit his Las Vegas club. It sounds like a tidy business arrangement but it’s possible that Lindsay developed feelings for Harry. When Harry called it off and left for Las Vegas, Lindsay was hurt. So now she’s hooked up with Stavros Niarchos (another publicity hound ) to get even. Just keep those flashbulbs popping!

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33 thoughts on “PUBLICITY STUNT?

  1. Wouldn’t surprise me. If Paris Herpes Hilton can do it, why can’t Lindsay the HO Lohan.
    Next we’ll hear that Paris and Lyndsay are really lesbian lovers and their publicized fights were all staged to help each other out.

  2. Hoping this is not true.
    Lohan is seriously messing up her career with her partying and off screen antics, the white trash Lawng Eye-lund family doesn’t help her image.
    Lohan is going the way of tara ried.
    ps. dude is ugly.

  3. “Lohan is seriously messing up her career with her partying and off screen antics”
    People are getting sick of her.
    I see her flame burning out.

  4. Janet who are these people you seem to be writing about these days? Do you have any news on Cher? I used to love reading your articles in The Star but this website of yours is so boring to me. You seem to only write about people I have never heard of. Please at least tell us about the stars we want to hear about. Delta Burke, Bea Arthur, Robin WIlliams, Billy Crystal. Sylvester Stallone too!

  5. This publicist is Leslie Sloane? The one denying they broke up? I guess Harry’s no longer going along with the plan. He did’t know you never check out of the Hotel Lohan. I hope he doesn’t have a bunny and if he does he likes rabbit stew. (cue Twilight Zone Theme)

  6. This publicist is Leslie Sloane? The one denying they broke up? I guess Harry’s no longer going along with the plan. He did’t know you never check out of the Hotel Lohan. I hope he doesn’t have a bunny and if he does he likes rabbit stew. (cue Twilight Zone Theme)

  7. So sick of hearing about Lindsey, Jessica, Paris, et al. No talent, publicity-seeking brats. Please–no more. Can’t you find some interesting, talented people to write about?

  8. As long as you gossip hounds are willing to waste your time writing about people who are famous for being famous, they’ll keep pulling these shenanigans. Aren’t there, um, like a zillion other people in Hollywood and NYC to write about???

  9. hah- the hook up might have been temporary, but HERPES is forever people!!!

  10. not everyone from long island is white trash..ok amy fisher, ok joey buttafuoco, ok lindsay….but….you have vanderbilts, whitneys (and not the houston kind)….please don’t generalize

  11. I hear you, 11:34am.
    But it is in my experience, there is an large population on non english speaking white trash who were born and raised on LI.
    The ghetto New Yawk accent many LI residents speak with ( even the BLACK LIaners!) is as grating on one’s nerves as fingernails squeaking on a chalkboard.
    IMO, the Lohan family is part of this population.
    I recall seeing footage of Lohan’s uncle being carted off to the hoosegow after a Lohan family altercation.
    The uncle looked like a cracked out derelict you would step over in the street.

  12. hey linds u better stop smoking ur going to lose ur singing career so stop for ur fans for me please i really don’t no the whole situation i am very confused about everthing cause differ people r saying differ things about u but I no ur prob smoking,ur vocie got even more froggy,so do me a big fav. stop smoking and just have fun.I no im 13 but u should really lisen ok.PEACE&LOVE. love ya!LL,britt

  13. so how does the Lohan family fall into the non english speaking white trash? Remember, Queens and Brooklyn are on the Isle of Long too!

  14. Mrs. Charlten:
    My name is Audrey and I have been reading your stuff for twenty years. I want you to right about the moviestars that I remember. I was so excited to hear about your websight but I do not like it because I do not know these people. Please, remember your old loyal readers. Do not forget us. Do you have a magazine column?

  15. Did someone up there honestly plead for gossip on Delta Burke and Bea Arthur?

  16. aw, the old star readers are sad that its all about blohan & parasite now. theyre wondering where bea arthur is?! actually that does make me sad! i never want to get old!
    lady who writes this column, you should totally get some delta dirt. for old times sakes.

  17. OK yeah seriously stop generalizing long islanders. It’s only Suffolk County and the South Shore islanders who are like that 😉
    And to the 13 year old – I WEEP for our future when a 13 year old tries to write a blog comment and isn’t able to create a single cognizable sentence. STOP with the LUV U, r u ok?, etc…. it’s I Love You and Are Your OK?

  18. i’d like to kill myself after reading all of this garbage about blohan, etc. I’ve got a question…who cares? ps. to the 13 year old; I wouldn’t worry about your favorite star Lindsay because when you get to be 14 you’ll realize how big a douche bag she is and you’ll jump on the next bandwagon, whatever it happens to be next year. For your sake I hope you get into something a little more meaningful than the pop garbage that you apparently listen to now. I’ve got a new flash for you… She can’t sing and never will be able to, just like Britney she uses pitch adjusters in Pro Tools to make her voice sound good. If I were you i’d burn/throw away any Blohan merch you’ve got and find someone to look up to who is not a no tallent hack.

  19. Multiple sources claimed that a few weeks ago Harry WAITED outside Cartier for the paparazzi to arrive, so they could get the shots that set off all the engagement speculation. Now he makes the statement that the engagement talk put too much pressure on him, because he doesn’t like attention? Bullshit. Just because he (or any celebrity) makes statements to the press, doesn’t mean that we should forget that their comments are generally scripted, planned out, and part of a larger strategy. In this case– boosting visibility. I don’t doubt that she fell for him though.. girl’s a mess.

  20. Not true – Harry was the one who pursued Lindsay on her b-day weekend. HE wanted to get with HER.

  21. You guys are do ridiculous!!! Don’t you have nothing better to do ? Why don’t you get a life and let this girl alone? Jelous peope make me sick.

  22. Dear Janet. Many of your readers, including myself and my friends here in Tampa, Florida want to hear about real Hollywood people. Our fellow southern belle, Delta Burke would be great to read about too. You seem to have abandoned yoru core audience. Please remember 70 is the new 50.

  23. Hey don’t generalize the South Shore (at least not Nassau County, Suffolk is another story…lol)

  24. so much to say. Thirteen year old? Where the hell are your parents? Who the hell lets their kids read this column knowing what kind of f–ked up shit we all write. Old ladies— I’ll be you one day asking for info. on Orlando Bloom and Zach Braff so rock on with your Bea Arthur selves.
    Lindsay is a drowning ship grasping tightly to the remanents of a mildly-decent career. I give her two more years (hollywood seems easily forgiving of being trash — most started out that way)……if she were smart she’d disappear and go somewhere like idaho for a while (a la demi moore) and fire whatever publicist decided that this was a good light to paint her in then re-invent herself for her big hollywood return (a la demi moore — again). On second thought — screw all that time and just hire demi’s publicist!!

  25. i liked her better during her days of parent trap and all those cute disney movies as a young teenager 🙁

  26. So, she really was a closeted dyke all along. She was dating Amanda Scheer Demme at this time. She was in the background quite a bit.

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