Good news. Michael Jackson’s unfortunately named son Prince has decided to go to college. He graduates from high school next spring, and instead of becoming a full-time playboy and dilettante thanks to the fortune his father left him, he intends to get an education! Prince is an excellent student at Buckley School – he’s a member of the National Honors Society. He’s not talking about WHERE he plans to go to college but according to RadarOnline, in the past he’s expressed an interest in USC. The fact that Prince is smart should come as no surprise – after all, his biological father is Arnold Klein, who happens to be a doctor. (Above, Prince in 2013)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. what’s more, another genius?

  2. anyone can legally change their names……
    blanket should keep that in mind…. and whoever named the kid majesty…..

    this goofy looking dude too but maybe that’s baby fat….

  3. Hopefully he will continue on in school and get a good education.

    Are the BLACK Jacksons still out to bed Paris?

  4. First off his name is Michael aka Prince is a nick name just as Blanket is a nickname. he is smart because he has bright parents, Michael and Debbie. They need no commentary from you about their child. Also, Arnie Klien is not his father, “Prince” or should I say Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.. Has the same auto immune disease that his father has, VITILIGO!

  5. Spoken like a true enabler.

    Smart parent Michael Jackson should be hanging by his perverted bleached balls from the gates of Neverland for his child molestations!

  6. When he’s legal he’ll tell the mostly perverts, jealous creeps and money grubbers in of the Jackson family off and move on his with sis and brother far far away. Then when helpless grandmother dies I suppose he will kick those creeps out on the street, remove their junk from his property, if he’s at all the slightest bit smarter than her, on being bugged for all his life, they never give up trying to drum up money, lie and slander you as his father learned…

  7. Strom.
    I don’t have any skin in this game.
    You’re such a c#nt.

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