Meghan Markle has given Prince Harry the best of both worlds. They are in New York to take part in the Global Citizen Live 24 hour worldwide event in Central Park promoting equal access to covid vaccine. Besides continuing their charity work, the couple has a highly profitable deal with Netflix to create content and Meghan is working on an animated feature about a 12 year old girl who becomes inspired by successful women in history. Of course they are meeting and working with the most prominent people in New York and Hollywood. Besides their flourishing business lives, they are living a dreamy life near the beach in idyllic Santa Barbara with their young son and daughter born in June. Isn’t that better than being stifled in the palace and told what to do every day? Meghan has given Harry a wonderful and enviable life…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Meghan is the typical gold digger and Harry has no Windsor blood at all supposedly. They are nobodies and that’s why they were ousted by the beloved Queen.

  2. He seems pretty whipped to me. I had a friend with a wife akin to Meghan, made all the decisions (he would support her and agree with all her choices), intentionally cut him off from a family he was formerly very close to, etc. Harry and Meghan are an eerie reflection of my friend. Very unmanly of Harry, and I suppose it’s a deficiency in him as much as its an evil in Meghan.

  3. Ah, Ancient Chinese Doctor detect strong odor of how you say, snark? sarcasm from Ms. Charlton? Ho! Ho! Ho!Ho!

    Ancient Chinese Doctor detect Phlegm Misting the Mind of the wife, husband not doing so good.

  4. OMG we’re all so jealous of his bald head, weakness and vile stupidity. Beta Male!

  5. Janet, you do know how to get everyone’s attention!

    Personally, don’t understand why anyone cares about these two. He is an ex-working Royal and dumb as dirt and her outsized fame is being his wife. Yawn.

    Really hope our tax dollars are NOT paying for their security.

  6. The media insists that we like these two clowns, but we will never like Megan, she’s just not likable and certainly nothing like princess Diana, we pretty much see her for what she is and we are not interested.

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