Time reveals all. Years ago, when Prince Harry was a teenager, rumors circulated that his REAL father was Princess Diana’s onetime beau James Hewitt. A resemblance between Harry and Hewitt was noted, but the rumor was not true and hurt Harry’s feelings at the time – not to mention the feelings of his father Charles. Prince Charles and Harry were photographed together at a London event this week and anybody who says they don’t look alike must have defective vision. Time DOES reveal the truth. Just like in the case of Michael Jackson’s son Prince, who grew up to look just like his biological father Dr Arnold Klein.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. I am quite certain there are such things as DNA testing in the UK. They have long since certified him as one of theirs. Do you think for one minute they would have put up with his antics if he was not the son of Charles? They would have marginalized him so fast. He would not be so front and near center of the royal stage as he is now.

  2. Diana met Hewitt when he was hired to teach her sons how to ride horses. At the time Harry was 3 or 4 years old. Hewitt is not Harry’s father. Even when Harry was younger I thought he resembled his grandfather Prince Philip which is not possible unless he is Charles’ son, which he is.

  3. He’s the spitting image of Hewitt, not Charles. And yes, the Royals did try to marginalize him–he got sent to the front lines of Afghanistan.

  4. It was Harry that demanded to see active duty twice. If he could, he would be a full-time military man. The British taxpayer was happy because they had spent a lot of money on his training and didn’t see the point of doing so if he never was going to use his training. He feels most at home and “normal” around military men.

    If Hewett was his father, don’t you think he would be claiming it from the rooftops? (In fact, he has done the opposite.) He has earned enough “fame” and money off of his association with Diana; he would have loved for that rumor to have been true.

  5. him and charles definitely have the same nose…there must be redhead somewhere in the lineage

  6. He has grown to look like Charles, poor kid. Still not sure about Prince Jackson though. Why would jacko choose that homely old guy’s sperm? also, Prince’s coloring is very dark, Debbie R & the derma have light coloring.

  7. If he is the product of another man because of his mothers’ infidelity. It’s one thing for a man to go a stray, but a woman vowed in marriage. She probably was shown the door. As look at who she was with when she was in that car accident – Dianna. Must of felt great shame and guilt and God steered her into the arms of another race, as it was clear she couldn’t be trusted in her race. As imagine if she had that guys child….

    “William and Harry, meet your new BROTHER”. They would shit

  8. Say what you want about them, they are some soft and sensitive men. Their mannerisms speak volumes, just like the Queen. Hence, smart people understand who they are and mind their own business.

    Can you imagine what this world would be like had Winston Churchill never said “We will never surrender” and all the people across Europe heard them and knew what they were talking about. It was about Sovertery of each one of those countries. Meaning, do you want to look like Adolf Hitler or your next of kin. Which is why Russia is looking at all these loons from Germany in Ukraine. Who are putting profits ahead of people as what a great gift to give a country $650 million dollars provide you buy from Germany.

  9. I cannot see any resemblance of Prince Harry to Prince Charles. He looks more like Hewitt. I would think Harry would want and demand a DNA test to put this matter to rest. But possibly the Royals don’t need or want this embarrassment.

  10. Put Harry between Charles and Hewitt, and the resemblance to Hewitt will be plain to see.

    By the way, someone’s gone off their meds.

  11. Hum? He also looks like his mom’s side of the family or is that against royal rules..? Old dad and a spare.. Like two peas in an asparagus.. Lucky he escaped most of his father’s yuck!

  12. Only an imbecile believes Mr. Hewitt is the father. Whereas William is a mix of both parents’ characteristics, Harry physically more favors his mother’s family, the Spencer-Shand line. Enough already.

  13. If you look at pictures of Diana early/mid teens you will see she actually had red hair, the same as her sister Sarah, it wasn’t till her late teens that she started colouring it blond. The Daily Mirror, a London tablaid actually managed to get a strand of Harry’s hair with root folicle and had it test for DNA, you can bet your life if they had found it matched Hewitt’s they would have been shouting it from the roof tops.

  14. The Firm had him DNA tested a few years ago, but never released the results. Clearly he’s not Charles’ kid!

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