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Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan is giving suspicious looks to the photographers outside the restaurant he’s leaving with his cute little boy. And no wonder. He’s still smarting from those paparazzi photos of him and his not-as-svelte-as-she-used-to-be wife Keely on the beach. The unflattering photos were picked up all over the world. Note that Father and son are wearing matching leather jackets.


  1. He should be happy the pictures were picked up. Now everyone knows what a happy family they are. His wife is gorgeous and he’s gorgeous and their kids are adorable! It’s about time we see something that doesn’t have to do with drugs or hollywood dysfunction.

  2. Why the hell would anyone take this has-beens pic?Has he worked in 5 years.Blow hard and his fat ass wife should be thankful anyone wants their picture.

  3. I’m waiting for gerard to call him a ‘faggot’.

  4. I see psychic janet is back on the job telling us what pierce is thinking now.

  5. 10:51 IS A STALKER TROLL stealing my on-line handle.
    Poor you.
    You are quite stupid don’t you know JCha knows who’s who? It’s easy to ban trolls…

  6. Well, it’s her own fault for allowing herself to become morbidly obese !! what are we supposed to do let that slide? GO to the gym cow !! besides I agree with whoever said he should be happy anyone would still want to take his picture at this point!!

  7. Well,
    all I can say is I would not set myself up in a bikini for all the world (literally) to see, if I were not o.k. with how I looked.
    It’s not like the pix were taken with her being hidden at home, or something…
    Really, there is NO ONE to blame but herself.

  8. Her heart (duh) has to be over-worked, carryng around 75-100 pounds too much. She should hit the gym is she nuts. And he should lovingly encourage her to lose some, for health’s sake.

  9. I saw the u tube of him leaving the restaurant and he was lovely to the press, joking and laughing with them so not at all upset! Just shows how people can get the wrong end of the stick.
    And Yes he works all the time actually, has had a Golden Globe nomination for The Matador and has 3 films due for release this year.

  10. there is no denying that keely was hotter svelte and that she isnt as physically attractive now, but I think it speaks volumes of pierce’s character to have stayed with the woman he loves.
    but it figures he is not american. american men and women have so many stupid hangups and if they let go of them they might actually be happy. a nation full of intelligent stupid people.

  11. Maybe he’s not happy. He’s probably secretly disgusted by her. Maybe he’s just staying with her for the kids. How much you wanna bet if they didn’t have kids he would already be with someone thinner. That’s just the way men are. Whoever argues that is in denial.

  12. He probably jacks off to the skinny bitches on the internet porn sites while she’s sleeping.

  13. and whoever believes that^^ doesnt know what love is. there is no denying that men would nearly always prefer to be with a young super fit girl, but it is only realistic that women get older and in some cases heavier. american men and women are so messed up. I feel sorry for us as a nation. why do you think there is so much divorce.so sad

  14. Love is loving yourself enough to keep fit and not turn into a fat disgusting lazy ass that doesn’t give a sh.t how they look. Or even more important not caring what a bad example your giving your children.

  15. True American men and women are fu.ked up believing it’s OK to be a fat slob. Go to any european country, you don’t see the blubber you see here. Middle aged or young. Asian countries, everyone is thin.

  16. Filed under who cares and let Pierce wallow in retirement obscurity then hear him whine and roar for attention.

  17. Did it ever occur to the posters that Pierce Bronson might be the actor in the Hollywood Whodunit TO THE RIGHT>>>>>>HELLO??

  18. Hello crazed tweeker TROLL @3:03. I have personally spoken to Janet Charlton about you impersonating I, the one and only ART CHIC.
    For all reading this I’m super busy won’t be posting for a couple of days so anyone posting as ART CHIC will be the impersonating troll.

  19. Janet:
    PLEASE tell us why this
    new trend of taking
    and printing photos of
    people’s children is allowed.
    It seems to put these
    children in DANGER
    and drives me crazy
    WHen did this incredibly stupid trend start?

  20. If Pierce really doesn’t care how gross and fat Keely has become, why then does he have a Boner (I mean bone) to pick with the snappers?

  21. When you marry someone you have a certain responsibility. It’s ridiculous to let yourself become obese. That is NOT what he married. She just got lazy and let herself go.
    Sure…it’s admirable that he stays with her, however we don’t know what he’s doing on the side and we don’t know what he really thinks of his overweight wife.
    He’s faced heartache when he lost his last wife. He probably fears breaking up his family for the sake of his boys.

  22. Hilarious! Americans are incredibly stupid. Yeah, relationships are only about how skiny your ass is. How lucky I feel to have ben born in Europe, where shallow is not the norm.

  23. It’s so obvious that you’re a big fat a$$ 12:07. That’s why you’re so defensive!!

  24. Fatty faty two by four, can’t get through the kitchen door. (Speaking of Keely, not 12:07).

  25. way to go gerard i seen tthem all over her what a “ugly”

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