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No matter that it’s raining in New York, Bruce Willis has a look of sheer delight on his face and it’s easy to see why. He’s been dating one of the world’s top models, Emma Heming. Bruce and the 5’10” beauty just got back from Sundance.


  1. Bruce Willis is repulsive.Bald bloated old fool.If he wasnt an actor these twits wouldnt give him a used tissue.Just shows you how shallow these stupid girls are.

  2. Poster above, if he wasn’t, but he is and they are. Of course bruce is pleased with himself, just look at her. Lucky bastard.

  3. Maybe I spokee to soon. Bruce is hittin, John Stamos sloppy seconds.

  4. Again, the troll is out stealing my fabulous name and worse, it does not even add gossip as I do.
    Poor crazy tweeker, heh. Very amusing.

  5. I like your posts, Art Chic.
    Bruce Willis’ GF is very pretty.
    It looks as if this photo was taken at the Waverly Inn.

  6. Because he finally got the nerves to come out of the closet and so telling the WORLD:

  7. The only 2 things I personally liked was ‘Moonlighting’ on TV, and the movie, ‘Blind Date’ with Kim Bassinger. IMHO, these were the only things he made that were good. Also, how has he avoided getting a STD, etc? He must get checked often, but getting checked after it is too late…it is, well…too late. He must be the original Energizer Bunny. He’ll always have a pool of air-head money hungry bimbos after his $$.

  8. There’s no fool like an old fool….except an old fool with money that can only attract bimbo hos that are trying to get their name in the media and probably get paid for their ‘services’.

  9. 5:21, thank you. Most of you here know my original tone so when the STALKER TROLL is easy to tell the difference.
    @ The Court Jester I too enjoy the movie Blind Date it’s hilarious; Chi-Town is right, lots of those girls are hookers.

  10. The old man looks really really ancient in this shot. I’m getting so tickled looking at it. Is there any skank in all of Hollywood that thinks about the possibility that they might catch something. Is there any morals left in this world?

  11. Chi-Town..11:18..Am sure all of his young girl friends get paid for their ‘services’. But would dare to say, it is not like “leave the money on the dresser”, but more like he buys them champagne dinners, jewelry, trips, etc. Damned old fart has balls, albeit somewhat shrunken and pruny. LOL.

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