“Live To Dance” is not the show Paula Abdul hoped it would be. Ratings started off okay but they nose dived, and the finale had only 4.8 million viewers. There seemed to be nothing new or special about the show and it never created a buzz. Insiders say CBS is pulling the plug on season 2. Now that Paula’s unemployed, will Simon offer her a place on X Factor?

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  1. Paula in my opinion, is not relevant anymore. The only reason she stuck around AI so long was because they always had good ratings due to Simon Cowell.

    Paula should step back and maybe open a dance studio franchise. Maybe a talk show, one on one type deal in a year or so?

  2. She is looking more arabic all the time. She is still in denial about the multiple sexual encounters w/ black Corey Clark which should have had her ass booted quickly off Idol but they went along with the cover.

  3. By Strom

    Thanks Strom. I had completely forgotten about Corey Clark.

  4. I’m one of those people who watched at first but stopped later on. The dancers were quite varied which was nice, but the judge’s were boring.

  5. Her body is strange too. Squatty in height, a hooked arabic nose, small breasts and large legs and ass.

    Maybe best she just took her millions $$$$ and went to Egypt.

  6. Strom: Actually, Paula is a sephardic jew.

    In other words, her ancestry is semitic. Unlike the vast majority of US jews who are descended from khazarians from eastern europe/Russia—who converted to judaism back in the day.

  7. You are right on the jewish aspect….in fact jews and arabs, especially Syrian Jews like Paula’s father, have much more in common than Americans and Mexicans for example. The fight is more over money and power and land than anything else.

    It is easy to see where her hooked nose came from.

  8. The show was boring, crazily boring! That wierd method of voting was stupid. The acts were ok, but some were so rediculous, so damn many people on stage it didn’t make any sense! I tuned in for a few minutes on the finale and it was so overblown and there was a HUGE amount of people on stage attempting to dance, perform something I guess Paula made up and when it ended she was all aglow and quivery! I changed the channel. I’ve had enough of her gushing craziness on AI and hope this is her swan song. She needs to go off somewhere beautiful, find a handsome guy, and enjoy her money for the rest of forever without irritating the public and stressing herself out. It’s OVER, buy a clue!

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