Passions: Cancelled

This just in:
We hear that the long running show, Passions, is set to be canceled – and the cast doesn’t even know about it yet! The soap opera that first aired in 1999 is not set to be renewed and producers are waiting to srop the bomb.

17 thoughts on “Passions: Cancelled

  1. Finally…This show has been hanging on for too long. It’s finally time to pull the plug. Cheers NBC!

  2. NBC SUCKS. Like the U.S. really needs another hour of depressing news shows. What a way to start your day. Idiots!

  3. Passions has no life left. I am glad to see that no talent Liza Huber off the air hopefully forever. I will be sad to see the georgous men of Passions leave… they were the hottest men in day time or any time. hope to see them soon.

  4. It’s official-Crapsions is canceled to make way for another hour of the today show. Bon Voyage Crapsions! It’s too bad that the people associated with this piece of crap are going to have to look for another job but if they are any good they won’t have any problems. I wish them well.

  5. Would sure like it if the WB or another channel would pick it up and put it in the 3:00 hour. Have to agree on glad to see Liza go I habe thought she stunck from her first airring. But no Luis, no Sam, whats a gal to do. How hard is it for another network to pick up a show. I am still upset about Another world being cancelled…. wahhhhhh

  6. A lot of recently retired BABY BOOMERS have gotten into Passions….We have the means to support the sponsors and the desire to be distracted for 1 hour a day….this show is funny and yet sexy….Dont take it off for yet another cooking show…Can another station pick it up?

  7. Passions needed to go. The actors, with the exception of Juliette and kathleen, stunk big time. They should have left Another World alone. Better yet, bring it back. Who the heck wants to watch 4 boring hours of the Today show. NBC…what the heck are you thinking??

  8. I have watched passions sence its first show. An I love it to death theresa an ethan an all them. An dont want to see it go. But at the same time they have had the same story line forever. I mean ever sence the show started it has been pretty much the same. If they dont end it with ethan finding out lil ethan is his an that qwen was the one who set him up. An then him an theresa get back together then I dont even know what the purpose of the show was.

  9. dont take passions off the air you morons c’mon Bye J.and A we have sense of humour just like passions passions for ever

  10. I have watched Passions since the day it first aired. It has been a very intertaining show with very good actors and actresses. The only thing I disliked about it was the “witchy” part. I like the real life parts best. The men, especially Luise and Ethan are hunks! Sheridan is a beautiful lady and the other girls are special too. Please don’t take Passions off the air! I look forward to it every single week day!

  11. Passions creator James E Reilly has no one to blame, but himself. This show had a chance and then they dragged crap out for years and made it a bigger joke than anyone ever could have imagined. Reilly did a lot of damage to DAYS in his time as headwriter there and Passions has been a mess for a long long time. I will miss the men of Passions as they were the only reason to tune in. All I have to say is that in ending the entire arc of Passions they need to get it right and make the fans happy as it has some truly dedicated fans out there. I feel bad for them, I usually watched it with the volume down. LOL!!

  12. I can’t say I care to see pasions go. I’m glad it’s being cancelled. It was trash. NBC made a big mistake cancelling Another World. Why doesn’t NBC consider bringing Another world back. I truly miss Another World!

  13. Please dont take passions off the air. I love watching it and i love the story lines. When i watch it when i am sad it makes me cheer up because it has this energy about it. I was watching for a long time even though i am still a teen. All of my friends watch it and love it. Even adults i know watch it. There is not alot of soap operas that is fun for a teen to watch but this one is. So dont take it off the air please. I look forward to watching ever day of the week.

  14. Great news Passions fans!!! Not only will Direct TV be taking over the soap opera Passions but Canadians will now be able to watch Passions past it

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