We LOVE the difference between back and front when it came to Angelina Jolie at the Globes. She looked like an angel face to face – as elegant as Audrey Hepburn in her prime. (Certainly one of the best dressed of the event. ) But when Angie turned around, she looked like she just hopped off he conveyor belt in the checkout line at Ralph‘s market….


  1. You would think with all the money she has she could get that hideous thing taken off her back…it looks awful it not even a nice tattoo.. being a mother and all, she needs to do something with it. it makes her look like trash.but after the comments about Shiloh being a “blob” i used to think she was a good mother..not anymore..Brad needs to take that child and run!!!

  2. She’s a bag of skin over bones. What happened to her figure? Eeeeek! Pretty face, but a body of an anorexic.
    Aaah, who cares. I can’t stand that blob-birther anyway.

  3. Hate both of their overexposed, talentless asses. Why don’t you cover people that don’t normally get much p.r.? You’re so boring, Janet.

  4. I like Angelina. Did you see her stroke Brad’s face after Babel won. She clapped enthusiastically and happily, too.

  5. Ok, Anonymous, it’s a very well done tattoo. Maybe you don’t like it because you don’t know what it says? “being a mother and all, she needs to do something with it…” -why? What does being a mother have to do with tattoos?
    One of the reasons I think that Angelina is so beautiful is because of her ink. ( LOVE the huge tiger she has on her back). I agree that she does need to eat a cheeseburger though- she’s getting too skinny!

  6. Aacccck! I’m sicking of hearing about both of them. He’s a puppet and she is a tatted-up stick.

  7. 1:42 – She an actress. That’s what she does. Did you expect she wouldn’t play it up? Actually, I heard she looked pissed when she got there. Once the booze started flowin’, she lightened up. Of course, as freakin’ skinny as she is, it wouldn’t take much to get this whore drunk. Maybe she should go back to vials of blood. Argh!

  8. She is sooooooo going to regret that when she ages, her skin sags, and she puffs up a bit. Yes, it will happen. And sooner than she thinks.

  9. If you think those tattoos are something, wait until you see the others–google “Angelina Jolie’s tattoos”. You will be amazed-there are about a dozen or more all over her body.

  10. I think she looked beautiful.
    Would you want to speak with that block-headed douche Seacrest either? He’s so dumb!

  11. yuck yuck yuck.
    skank-a-pitjo suits them better than brangelina.
    its weird that they look like wax figurines. maybe they practice that expressionless, frozen, not quite human look.
    it’s weird that st.john (upscale clothing line )
    hired her as their model.she certainly doesnt represent their main clientele.
    oh right, about the tatoos, you know which one i think is freakier, the one on her belly that says quod blablabla in latin…with a big black cross.
    translated in english it means that which nourishes me destroys me. to see her pregnant with that stretched out tatoo …gross. very adams family.

  12. If she doesn’t want to remove them at least cover them with makeup when dressing up for an event like this. She probably enjoys how trashy they make her look.

  13. Trash is trash!! This husband-stealing skank is what she is. She was trying to appear demure and sophisticated but couldn’t pull it off. That’s her act these days.

  14. Looks like she picked the color of her dress to match the color of her tattoos. How color coordinated can you get?!?

  15. Brad Pitt’s mom must be so proud to see her son with this piece of garbage. He’ll wake up one of these days when he grows up.

  16. Ladies, please! Brad wasn’t forced to leave Jen, he’s a big boy. Why is everyone still blaming just Angie? Bimbo Denise Richard’s didn’t get half the crap Angelina gets and she was Heather Lockler’s friend!

  17. What goes around comes around. Eventually. That’s karma – and they’ll both get theirs.

  18. Hey, when angelina got together with billy bob, i think that he was engaged ( or married???) to someone else..laura dern.
    perhaps the homewrecker label she is getting has more history to it.
    angelina also went though a lesbo phase with her gf jenny shimizu or something. i think that was before billy bob. yeah, billy dumped laura dern and angelina dumped jenny.
    also, it really wasnt that long ago that angelina showed up to an awards ceremony with billy bob..wearing their vials of each others blood. and telling everybody that they had just done the jungle wild thing in their limo on the way there. billy bob has been married somethin like 8 times)
    maybe angelina can set her sights on the soccer player becks and brad can run off with katie holmes.
    (and right about now im blushing over the ammount of trivia crap that has gotten lodged in my memory)

  19. You can’t put a designer gown on a skank and expect it to transform her into a lady. No matter what you put on that piece of garbage and no matter how much money that garbage has; she’s still garbage and damaged goods and they deserve each other. I hope Brad has been tested for various std’s since he’s been with the likes of his garbage. That’s something he never would have had to worry about or consider when he was with a lady. We are banning St. John’s which was once a label that equaled class. Now it’s klass.garbage.

  20. She used to be stunning, but I really think she has an eating disorder now. If she was anyone else, people would be saying “Eat a sandwich!”

  21. you haters are the trash not angelina let go move on it’s not youre life angelina is beautiful

  22. she’s a homewrecking slob. she is a bag of bones, looks mean as a snake. I think Brad looks totally freaked out here. Can’t blame him.

  23. You can tell Brad is whipped. Her back looks like the Davinci Code. Translated: I will steal your husband if I want to. I am Angelina and you are all here for my benefit.

  24. You can tell Brad is whipped. Her back looks like the Davinci Code. Translated: I will steal your husband if I want to. I am Angelina and you are all here for my benefit.

  25. Do you think Angelina’s a vampire and Brad one of her victims?

  26. I love angelina because she is not a fake. She has tattoos because she likes them. So what, no big deal. She is not trash. But i did notice on some of the pictures, that she lost a lot of weight. I hope she gains a few more pounds.

  27. She shouldn’t get that tattoo removed because she’s a mother, she got that tattoo on her shoulder IN TRIBUTE to her son, retards.
    See :
    A Magical Pali incantation written in Khmer, the native language of Cambodia. She got this tattoo to protect she and Maddox, her son, from bad luck and avoid accidents. It reads:
    May your enemies run far away from you.
    If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always.
    Your beauty will be that of Apsara. (a celestial dancer in Khmer mythology)
    Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides

  28. beautiful tat, woman, man – couple of human beings doing what they can to make the world a better place

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