SOME people turn into monsters when they’re on a special diet, but not Beyonce. At least, so far. When her husband Jay-Z decided to eat vegan for 22 days starting December 4, she joined in. But it’s not easy. Beyonce has a passion for wings and ribs, and it’s quite a change eating broccoli and grains instead. To keep herself in check, Beyonce encouraged everyone around her to try the diet too, and if they didn’t, she asked them to please keep tempting foods out of her sight. (Above, she and Jay-Z were seen leaving Crossroads vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Because most blacks/black women want to be with. Look around u, isnt that obvious? Unfortunately the viceversa is true too and thats a real tragedy….

  2. The biggest insult you can throw at these ghetto rappers is that they are BLACK. Big forehead Bey has done everything but the MJ bleach treatment to get the BLACK out of her…but she is happy to take their money!

    Obama phones for all!

  3. Jay-Z is the fugliest human on earth. He never ever smiles,always wears a half frown. They are both liberal obama-worshipping, new-age tree-huggers that are living for today and to hell with tomorrow. I care not for them or their lifestyle; they are both filthy pigs and money can’t buy class. I knew sooner or later that Bey would bleach her hair in an attempt to look white; Strom is sooo correct.

  4. Yeah, that’s some vegan outfit she’s wearing. Why didn’t she wear a fur coat while she was at it.

  5. What you don’t see in this photo are the leather pants she was wearing.

  6. Without using the race card, as most hillbillies do, lol, Beyonce just graduated from the University of Hoodrats. Her latest videos show a high class hooker!

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