Oprah can’t escape those prying eyes! She spent fifteen million dollars on a sprawling ranch in Maui with plenty of beachfront property. Since the beach is not near any hotels it has always been deserted and very private. But all that changed after word leaked out that Oprah bought the property. All beaches in Hawaii are public and suddenly Oprah’s beach has become a huge tourist attraction. Everyone- both tourists AND locals- are eager to get a glimpse of Oprah, so her once secluded beach is now packed with people sitting on the sand, staring at her premises!

12 thoughts on “PASS THE BINOCULARS

  1. Now that is a great gossip item! Fresh and original – enough with Parasite Hilton. Could you please tell me the exact address in Maui, I’d like to go see Oprah too!

  2. the pics I’ve seen in mags, and what I’ve read online, of Oprah’s Maui house show it as in upcountry Maui- far from the beach. The property is former pastureland.

  3. who cares. I bet she doesn’t spend much time at any one home in particular, so the gawkers will be waiting around for nothing.

  4. I was under the impression it was above Kahana. At least that’s what locals showed us in Feb.

  5. she lives in Kula on the island of Maui. about 2 hours away from the beach.

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