Paris Hilton is tired of being ignored by the paparazzi so she put on a long dark wig and sunglasses in hopes of passing as a Kardashian! Too bad she wore the disguise to the Maxfield 40% off sale where they couldn’t care less- she’d have gotten a bigger reception on Robertson Blvd.



  1. Janet shame. You know that Pimpmama Kris studied the Hiltons! Paris taught Kim how to be the world’s whore.

    Given a choice I’d go with Paris anydady, herpes and all! The Kockroach Klan is disgusting!

  2. The Kardashians are famous because of a brutal double murder. NICE

  3. Oh dear. SO sad. Paris is surely making a cry for help. 🙁

  4. Weren’t Kim and Paris working together in “business” for some time?

  5. A demonic spirit (fallen angel) is inhabiting the bod of Paris. How else can you explain the utter shallow and raunchy life of this fame-hungry slug. If anyone else has an opinion as to the skanky ways of this woman, let’s hear it. Oh, and as to the Kardashian Klan, many demons are having a field day with them.

  6. Paris was born w/ a name and money that KK wasn’t and KK was her assistant I believe and copied her every move (including giving up plenty of ass in a porn movie for hire). Paris is a skank w/ herpes it is reported but don’t think she was ever quoted as screwing multiple BLACK men. She is low but far above the Kardashians and will always have a famous name.

    ‘……..that’s all it takes.

  8. Not sure why Paris seems to be back in the news again, but I sure didn’t miss her

  9. There is a blind item that says “what C list celeb dropped her phone in the toilet while shopping yesterday and asked for a store clerk to get it out for her?” The popular guess is Paris especially being that the blind came out today and the photos of Paris are supposedly taken yesterday.

  10. “One day they will all be FAT”

    Love this comment and geniunely laughed out loud. 🙂

  11. Janet you are a gossip columnist for decades now. Surely you know that Kim was Paris Hiltons assistant and Kim took all of PH phone numbers when she was fired by PH for fame whoring while she was supposed to be serving PH! Why do you think they both had deals with vivid and carls jr. PH laid out the blueprints and KK just imitated everything she saw while serving PH.

    Also everyone knows PH often goes out in brunette wigs when she doesn’t want to be recognized. Get tour gossip straight lady!

  12. I have a better question. Why would anyone WANT to be a Kardashian? I mean, really!

  13. I think Paris goes down in history as being the most vapid female of present day “stardom” (a-hem)!(Famous for nothing.)

  14. JC’s main interest is getting hits on her site so she can sell more ads. Accuracy takes some backseat to that and Timeliness is very distant. Just look at the Hollywood Whodonit with the Whitney Houston thread that has been up there since Madonna was a virgin.

  15. Paris is the one who started this famous for nothing thing passed on the Kardashians and God knows who’s next. The word talent is never mentioned with these freaks. Love to get back to time when acting, singing and dancing are the things you need for entertainment. Won’t hold my breath!

  16. Sluts never look good no matter what they wear. And that includes the Kardashians. Beauty comes from the inside out, not from wigs, extensions, plastic surgery, boob jobs, sex tapes etc. etc. Trying to act like a class act DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE ONE. The general public can see through all the debauchery. Where will they all be twenty years from now?

  17. yep…if they keeps engaging in anal sex she will end up like Farah before then.

  18. Farrah is the poster child for what can happen. Paris, Kim, and J Lo, by all reports have had their a-hole pummeled over the years and even had some reconstructive surgery. Any could be the next Farrah, especially as they age.

  19. Wrong Janet. The Kardashian Klan copied everything they could from Paris Hilton and believe me I am not a fan of Paris either but she is an original. The Kartrashians are NOT. Please join me instead by boycotting these fleas. I have signed the petitions get rid of them and I turn around anything thing in print that have their picture printed on it. And I turn any channel that show them on television or talk about them on radio. If you would do the same in your area maybe we could get rid of these fleas.

  20. Yay Dawn, your doing what every other American person has the option and right to do. Switch the channel, shut it off, don’t buy, don’t read, don’t look, sign a petition, etc, etc. Do what makes YOU happy!

    Those people that CHOOSE to watch, read, buy, look, don’t sign a petition, also have their choice to do what makes them happy as well!

  21. She looks much better like this instead of bleached blonde…love her shoes…!

  22. She is so over. I never got what was so interesting about her and I only hope the Kartrashians go away too. What a waste of energy these people are.

  23. yep…if they keeps engaging in anal sex she will end up like Farrah before then.

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