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We hate to tell you, but Paris Hilton is one of those frivolous and irresponsible people who buys live bunnies for Easter! Here she is on Saturday, wearing what appears to be a brown Farrah Fawcett wig, carrying her new baby rabbit home in a tote box. That bunny had a noisy introduction to life in Hollywood. Paris had a wild party after hours Saturday night and the cops closed it down around 4 AM.

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  1. F*** I just want to punch her in the face she is so stupid!

  2. paris why don’t you shop at j. crew the clothes are alot better than what you have on.

  3. She makes me sick. Stop writing about this nasty whore.

  4. Shame, shame, shame!
    Her parents must be so embarrassed by their idiot child.

  5. “Farrah Fawcett” hair?…hmmmm….looks a little more like Paris begging her ‘STYLIST'(???)……… “PLEASE…GIVE ME THAT LINDSAY LOHAN LOOK FOR MY BIG PARTY TONIGHT”….another waste of space….!

  6. what is paris doing up she usually sleeps during the day and parties all nite she must tired?

  7. mommy can u pick me up i can’t remeber where my car is?

  8. those poor little bunnies i hope she doesn’t forget about them? she is always on the cell phone she needs a 3rd ear!

  9. Quit posting photos of her! All blogs, paps, and magazines need to boycott her, Richie, Lohan forever. They are nothing without the coverage. Let them know no one cares. I’m tired of seeing them covered everyday for doing stupid stuff.

  10. me too i am sure tired of this crap about this girl who has not grown up. she really makes me sick

  11. Someone should put that bitch in a box and sell her to some irresponsible idiot.

  12. Someone should put that bitch in a box and sell HER to someone irresponsible.

  13. She’s getting fat. Looks like she’s got some saddle bags. Paris, honey, your 15 minutes are just about up!

  14. Have ya ever had any rabbit? Tastes just like frog leggs or chicken.
    Wonder if we’ll ever see her in a playboy bunny outfit ?
    Heck for all we know she’s raising rabbits to skin the hide off them and use them for her fancy coats and furry hats.
    I’ll bet she learned how to do that on the Simple Life Show.

  15. You bonehead, that girl is a look-alike.
    I wouldn’t doubt if somebody just photoshopped that box she’s holding into looking like a rabbit holder, that boxes looks amazingly similar to those little Krystal Burgers (aka in the Mid-America as White Castle – belly bombers).

  16. I love how she is walking down the middle of the street talking on her cellphone, she obviously isn’t getting into a car because she doesn’t have keys in her hand. She’s just walking inbetween the parked cars and the cars driving.
    Careful, no one would want you to get smooshed on the side of the road.

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