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If you ask us, “One Tree Hill”‘s Chad Michael Murray is doing TOO good a job of playing down his appearance so he won’t be recognized. You probably wouldn’t look twice at this guy in the odd hat and facial fuzz, and “Cocaine Blows” t -shirt . Just think – he used to model for Gucci! The only reason the photographer noticed him is because his 18 year old fiancee -and costar- Kenzie Dalton is such a knockout.

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  1. Alright my opinion: About her being too young…she is probably older than half of the people on here posting. She is 18.He is a teen hearthrob, which means most of you guys are teens! Don’t get me wrong I loved him and Sophia together, but obviously that didn’t work out, so everyone should just get over it.
    About the outfit, honey you could of done better, but to each their own.
    About the hair…you looked the best when you shaved your head – I wish you would do it again!

  2. Oh, I forgot…Kenzie looks adorable. I love that outfit!

  3. i love chad. but he looks disgusting in this picture. he looks so much older. terrible..i dont know what he is wearing on his head but he needs to take if off. i wish he would cut his hair back short…

  4. are you serious? He needs to get back together with Sofia Bush.. his style was way better when they were together. He looks like a bum in this picture.. I want the old Chad back!

  5. im as old as her & have more class.
    i think they might be related.
    or maybe chad is like in love with himself & she looks a lot like him so he likes that.
    idk. I WANT SOPHIA BACK!!!!

  6. im a great fan of one tree hill and im also one of the biggest supporters of “brucas”…i love the way chad looks when he was with sophia..he was soooo hooooootttt!!!but look at him now,,it seems that he doesn’t even care about his looks…and this girl,,she’s nothing but a total wannabe,,,a user…sooner or later,,you’ll surely be out of the picture..

  7. im a great fan of one tree hill and im also one of the biggest supporters of “brucas”…i love the way chad looks when he was with sophia..he was sooo hoooott…but look at him now,,he really changed a lot!!.

  8. yea, but its working, his point is not to be recognized, duh! He got outted by his dumb fiance Kitch!

  9. he wont stay with her will never last .ever since he lost that girl he was married to well hes been trying to fool himself with the blonde.its pathetic

  10. He’s real cute he can dress better than that, but i understand if hes trying to hind himself from fans.

  11. who can blame him wanting to fade into the background when hes with a girl like that.disgusting

  12. did he get a haircut???
    about time.all he needs to do now is ditch the goldigger and he will be good to go

  13. I have one word for you PRENUP
    if you get married make sure you get one idiot because that girls bad news and im sure she cant wait for the money she will get

  14. what happened to that guy he used to look hot
    wow that must be what losing sophia bush did to him
    and purlease him being with that girl is the most stupid thing ever he dont even look in love its a rebound thing plain and simple people


    Its obvious your not over her
    you might be trying to fool everyone else but you cant fool yourself forever

  17. get your brain out of your pants and put it back in your head dumbass and go after the girl you belong with and incase your stupid which we know you are im talking about that gorgeous sophia bush

  18. i think that chad looks great in whatever he wears, and its not up too us to decide if he’s happy, if he is then im happy for him. i love him no matter what and people need to be nicer even if u don’t agree. love u so much and love u chad in One Tree Hill can’t wait to u see u on tv again everyone else its not your life let him have his and live your own

  19. Chat can be wearing the UGLIEST clothes on earth and he would still look good. he rocks everything even if its ugly. to comment the pic, he looks good. ilove his new style =]

  20. i dont think he looks that bad…but he should lose the hat

  21. OMG!Chad looks.. well different…But he’s stylish though..right? I dont like her a lot, and i also dont like that suff he’s wearing in his head!!

  22. i dont like her but it’s not because she’s young i dont think that matters! But she’s not that pretty and chad look way with sophia..but wherever! And Chad started hanging out with her when she was 17! Forget the bed part!

  23. Sad to say that Sophia and Chad are not longer together… However, I am glad Sophia is not w/ him anymore…. things happen for a reason… Sophia, you are a very professional, gorgeous and smart… Let those two idiots be the joke of the time…. For what’s her name … enjoy Chad’s money while you can…. Chad don’t forget to change her diaper before she is going to school…. Kenzie Dalton… You mess w/ the wrong fans… we support Sophia Bush

  24. hes living a lie.he doesnt even look happy when he was with sophia he ALWAYS looked happy.speaks volumes really

  25. well i think it is obvious that about 95% of the people on here vote for Sophia instead of that… kid. & the other 5% need to go look at pictures of chad & sophia when they were together & see the happiness.

  26. Why does Chad have to look so bad lately? He looked so hot at the start of the show and all through the time he was with Sophia Bush!!! Now he just looks bleurgh! His hair is horrible too! Even in the show he doesn’t look as hot as he used to! I can’t believe he’s with Kenzie Dalton! She doesn’t even look 18! What’s going on Chad?

  27. i love chad. and i know you’re trying to be brooding and stuff, but come on now, can you say OVERKILL.

  28. i love chad and all.
    you’re probably trying to be brooding and stuff, but come on now, can you say OVERKILL?

  29. i just hav to say that i love chad sooo much n he is unbelievably hot always! But i hate the hat n i much prefered him with sophia. The only gd thing is that if this girl is 18 maybe i stand a chance!! lol

  30. is that chad michael???
    what happen to you???
    bad boy?? does not fit you…
    i like the old you
    especially when you’re with sophia bush…
    it’s the truth

  31. mamma mia..orrendo!
    meno male che c’� sempre james che salva la situazione..=)
    naley forever!!

  32. GET BACK WITH SOPHIA already.
    OMG seriously when he was with her he looked HAPPY he had a genuine smile,he had great style and more importantly he was in love with what i believe is his soulmate
    NOW hes with a kid,he has crap style (she probably wants him to dres that way) he doesnt look happy no more and when he does smile which doesnt happen often it looks faked and forced and i dont believe he loves that girl i think he has just stayed with a rebound its pathetic

  33. well i think that he looks so cute and shes okay i love him in any thing that he dresses in he is this hottest and sexies man in the world i am his #1 fan i have two of his pic and i kiss them both I LOVE HIM !~!~!~!~!~~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

  34. i must say i do not like this outfit but Chad is still sexy. and a lot of people keep bashing kenzie dalton and stuff but i think she’s cute. and i could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that they have been together for longer than he and sophia were married. not that i don’t like sophia, it’s just that that kinda shot down the whole “it won’t last” theory.


  36. He is the hottest boy ever!! I really like him:) Marry me, Chad!

  37. i dont care how long theyve been together,he was still way better with sophia

  38. I like Kenzie style and I the look of Chad is hot too!

  39. All I can say is Sophia you are the best!!!Poor Chad!!Chad should get his act together and show Sophia he still loves her!!!!

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