Benji Madden might be surprised to learn that only weeks after their split, Paris Hilton already has a billionaire in her back pocket. When Paris was at the Fountainebleau opening in Miami she hooked up with jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad. At the hotel nightclub he presented her with a $100,000 diamond watch and she ran around the club squealing and showing her friends while alarmed bodyguards struggled to keep up. Pascal has what Paris wants – private jets and huge yachts and gobs of money. He has a home in the Hollywood Hills not far from hers and they’ve been doing a lot of secret after hours socializing. (They were photographed on the red carpet and she’s wearing a three million dollar necklace he lent her.)



  1. WE all know Paris is a fake coont who will use people to get what she wants just like her good ol w-hore of a mom did. My best guess is this guy will probably use and abuse her and drop her like a bad habit. If I was a billionaire, I wouldn’t even touch the skank. She’s scum.

  2. Janet, I thought you were not going to post about the Vacant Skank Paris Hilton. Why are you doing this? Trying to kill traffic to your blog?

  3. He is no prize but surely he can get better pussy than this. If she see’s the word Billionaire, Ann Hathaway will come calling….better check himout to see if legit however.

  4. Janet GET YOUR SITE FIXED!!!!
    This guy has a head like the famous fava beans chomper in Silence of the Lambs…fa fa fa fa…
    Has someone snapped the skank’s spine at some time in the past? All she does is stand in that stoopud swaybacked way like an old horse ready to be sent to the glue factory…don’t forget the VALTREX!!!
    Her racetrack name is HerpeHooves!! YEE HA!!!

  5. When Paris at last “get what’s coming to her”, it will be swift and it will be major. All the $$ of all the billionaires in the world won’t save her (translation….cure STD and/or AIDS).

  6. She has a real weird jaw & nose, folks.
    ………………….you noticed?
    on the other hand: HER “NEW” FURBY SUCKS TOO!!

  7. Paris, her mom and sister all have that hideous nose. Paris’s nose is especially long and hooked. Why oh why don’t they get surgery.
    Regarding the not too great looking billionaire: the general feeling is that he has way more money than brains to hook up with one of the world’s biggest whores.

  8. The rich and famous have been hooking up since the beginning of time. Why is this hook-up any different? Relax, people, this too shall pass.

  9. Sheesh Janet. Do you really think anyone needs more proof that Paris Skankton is a whore who will do anything, or anyone, for something shiny she can play with?
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  10. I wonder if all the negative publicity that Paris Hilton gets affects the family business at all. Like, do people stay away from Hilton Hotels because they do not want to put $$$ in this been-around-the-block-hundreds-of-times skank? I have never liked Hilton hotels anyway; give me Marriott any day of the week. Benji Madden should run, not walk, to the nearest clinic and be tested for EVERYthing.

  11. I wonder why he didn’t just Give her the 3 million $ necklace instead of lending it to her, is she not worth it?

  12. Is he part Afro-American? Re: the brillo pad hair. PS: I like many many black persons.

  13. Paris should leave her brain to science. Even a real expert would be hard-pressed to dissect and discern this unspeakable life-style, a life-style of a human alley cat.

  14. What an ugly rag of a dress draped on her tit-less bod – probably cost a bundle too. I hope she gets her come-uppance soon. She is soooo out of touch with the real world. What kind of parents did she have; I know Kathy Hilton is a worldly money-lover, so what could you expect from the offspring.

  15. 3 million dollar necklace, huh?
    everything Paris Hilton wears looks CHEAP.
    look that photo and the expression on her face!

  16. Criticize all you want, but Paris is beautiful. And a flaky, shallow, annoying heiress like her is destined to marry someone like this guy. Too bad she can’t marry as well as her Kathy did–she and her husband Rick Hilton are friends for life and have a lot in common.

  17. Paris cares not what anyone says about her. Notice how calm she always looks (except when she went to the slammer, then she called for Mommy).

  18. I wonder if all the negative publicity that Paris Hilton gets affects the family business at all
    The family sold their share of the hotel.
    They are no longer in it.

  19. I doubt very much that a jewellery designer, however successful, would be a billionaire. A real billionaire would have the whole world to choose from for a prospective mate and not this discredited skank of a public laughing stock.
    The usual Hollywood PR arrangement, posing as a couple, company jewels only on loan or as payment, though with this you’d think their PR people have made a serious balls up.

  20. I think good on Paris!!!
    I bet she sleep comfortable in bed at night!!! There are probably thousands of rich wanna be starletts that would try and root there way into publicity. Hey but Paris is Queen of self promotion and has a self made fortune that we could probably only dream of.
    She has the last laugh despite what people think of say about her, Paris bank balance still grows.

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