It’s a glorious day for women because Bill Cosby is finally being recognized for his crimes. This is a man who felt entitled and above the law, so justice is considerably sweeter. We never for a moment doubted his guilt because we had a first-hand experience with his criminal methods. Back in the 70’s, I was at a Playboy mansion party with a cute college friend named Jacqui who was an aspiring actress. Cosby was at the party and he invited her to his home for a glass of wine. Since we had come to the party together in her Volkswagon, I tagged along, eager to check out the house itself. While Jacqui sipped Cosby’s fancy wines and played a little pool with him, I overheard him asking her to give him a sample of her acting by “pretending to act drunk.” (apparently a well-used line of his) I was casually looking around the large house when I got the awful feeling that Cosby’s wife was asleep there! Horrified, I whispered to Jacqui that we should leave immediately and dragged her out, despite Cosby’s protests. Since the Cosby scandal exploded, I love reminding Jacqui that I saved her from a possibly gruesome fate…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. It’s just a shame it took until he was 80 to punish him. He lived his life unscathed until now. At least his name will be sullied and his reputation ruined for all time.

    One more thing….I usually try to defend women, buy there is something seriously wrong with his wife, Camille. How she can stand by him knowing he’s a sexual deviant and rapist is very disturbing.

    May they both go down in history as horrible people.

  2. ask yourself the question before kissing a girl…………who can you trust in america!!

  3. @beachy:

    You are so right. Why does Camille stand by him. She must be declared insane.

  4. Actually more like Bill Clinton. But none of the women reported rape to the police immediately and several were happy to go back for multiple repeat performances in a quest for fame.

    Bill is a perv like Harvey Weinstein but the women who were happy to service him in return for stardom do not have a log to stand on.

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