Back in March of 2011 we featured a Hollywood Whodunit about a “squeaky clean sensation” who foolishly dropped the “n” bomb on tape and it landed in the hands of TMZ. The unnamed performer involved was Justin Bieber, who was 15 at the time, telling jokes using the forbidden word. Recently UK’s Sun newspaper revealed the tape and TMZ soon followed. TMZ claims to have NOT exposed the tape originally because Justin was “young,” but actually they made a DEAL. If Justin agreed to appear on the TMZ show they would shelve the tape. Hid DID appear on the show and had everyone wondering WHY at the time. Now you know why. And TMZ did NOT withhold the tape for any honorable reasons – they forced Justin to appear on their show! By the way, expect MORE incriminating Bieber tapes very soon!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. But it’s ok to say the B**** word and the C*** word all the time but don’t say the N***** word. That’s a no no. Sheez….

  2. Janet, I don’t think anyone is interested in this rubbish. Mr. Levin has a very successful Web and Television franchise based on reporting of current events. You claim to have gossip that is not mainstream but after years of following this blog I have come to the conclusion that you are a complete and total fraud.

  3. Wow! Janet! Thanks for connecting the dots! I was working in a news room at the time Justin made that appearance on TMZ and we were puzzled. I even called a few producer friends working at TMZ but they seemed perplexed as well. No one knew WHY Bieber decided to just “drop by” TMZ while they were taping. Thanks for making the connection…Thanks…again!

  4. It’s only okay to say the N word if you are Jay Z.

  5. so won’t be lying in hollywood these day’s?

  6. Lordy, they need to give the kid a break! He was 15 years old at the time.

  7. JC should be a bit envious if TMZ success while the real who is JCH!

    Don’t let the PC crowd prevent you from calling out the ghetto rappers who say what they please without fear of critics. They prey on the ignorance of their BLACK customers.

  8. Is it not obvious why these British sites are coming out with that now? the British media and some American outlet are out to smear this kid expecially AFTER that One Direction scandal came out last week. Coincidence?

  9. What is the best way to take attention away from a scandal involving a countries top band by turning the attention to their only teen rival? By the way, The British tabloid, The Sun’s editor and writer of that recent Bieber video are friends with One Direction and their P.R. outfit

  10. Was he 15 or 17? Do the numbers – I Mr. Bieber was 17. At 17 he’s past the age of consent. That said, for all intents, he is an adult. I wonder how Usher really feels..? not that forced smile when you ask him an embarrassing, and deeply personal question?

  11. No Val.He was NOT 17.

    When Never Say Never came out Bieber was 16 years old. It’s quite simple to work out. The release date of February 11, 2011 is widely available.

    Bieber’s B-day is March 1, therefore he was still 16 when the film was released.

    Filming for Never Say Never took place the year before in 2010 and was based around Bieber’s twin shows on August 31 and sep 1 2010.

    Bieber was 15 in the racial slur footage.

    A child.

    Shame on you for spending your miserable, pathetic days throwing hate at a five year old mistake and an individual who essentially doesn’t exist anymore.

    The child version of Bieber didn’t know any better. Since then, he has gone to form countless relationships with African-Americans.

    He’s apologized. Move on with your life and let him move on and live his.

    Who are you to judge him?

  12. People are judging him for the wrong thing: how about what a self-entitled snot he CURRENTLY is?

  13. @R. Patel re: June 3’rd –

    While not having ready, nor full access to movie-studio filming/release dates, and given the fact that you’re, without doubt, on Mr. Bieber’s payroll – I’ll throw caution to the wind: JUSTIN BIEBER WAS 17-YEARS OLD WHEN HE MADE HIS RACIST FILM-RANT (ONE OF SEVERAL)! HE WAS THEN A CONSENTING ADULT!

    It’s a irrefutable fact – Mr. Bieber is now a 20 y/o – an ADULT; yes? And thus since had he , after his many recent troubles, have any deep pains of introspection, and/or a crisis of conscience? No! Absolutely not! What does the racist Bieber do? He now unleashes his PR team, and they go into full attack mode. That said – funny you mention “Never Say Never”.. During its promotion, Mr. Bieber was placed court side at a NY Knicks game. The camera panned to him, showing his face on the big screen. MSG collectively booed and hissed; guess who ran to his rescue? Chris Rock. Chris Rock, with HIS son by his side, then stood beside Mr. Bieber.

    Mr. Justin Bieber is a wretched, duplicitous, bold-faced racist!
    Mr. Justin Bieber is man who is obviously without conscience!
    Mr. Justin Bieber is a man who thinks himself above rules,laws, morals, ethics, and whateverelse earth-gravity mechanism that keeps safe mankind upon earth.

    Mr. Justin Bieber – proudest son of Donald Sterling.

    Val (unome ;-9)

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