Is SOMEBODY spoiling Suri Cruise? We have often questioned Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s habit of carrying their little girl in a protective manner in spite of her advancing age. She’s not a toddler any more – Suri is eight years old, but she still jumps up into her mother’s arms to be comforted like a baby!

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  1. Showing these photos of celebrity children is horrible. Please stop your staff from doing this.

  2. as long as her freaked dad continues to live in AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING-los angeles don’t count on it.

  3. It will be very difficult for Suri Cruise to have a normal life.

    She’s a little girl who can’t go anywhere without strangers/paparazzi intruding on her. Her father is an absentee whack job. Of course she needs comforting. I’ll bet Katie Holmes rues the day she ever met Tiny Tom.

  4. Suri appears to be the most valuable gift from
    Katie’s marriage to Tom. I strongly believe that there was a true love connection for Katie and Tom for a few years. There are so many different reasons that couples grow apart.
    It is a well known fact that Katie appears to be very hands on with Suri, but one reason that
    she probably is soooo close to her only child is the
    reminder of what she once had with Suri’s father. Just because Katie filed for divorce does Not mean that she did Not care for Tom, what it does mean is that she could No longer accept the marriage as it was. Even though Suri has step siblings, it seems that there is a Non issue as far as she being in their lives. With Katie being the primary parent and Suri being her only child, maybe there is a closeness that Katie is Not ready to relinquish. Just Saying!!

  5. If Katie Holmes has her way, Suri will have a childhood as close to normal as possible.I wouldn’t doubt Katie, the brilliant way she divorced Tom was a real
    Mission Impossible!

  6. JC is desperate to keep the web bill paid and if it means showing kids pictures or multiple Kardashians per day, that is what shall occur!

  7. Why would she have or want a normal life? She has the best of both worlds, unlimited ‘stuff’ given to her, whatever she wants. She will still turn out better than Lindsay Lohan and a host of other uber-rich brats. What is normal in NYC or GollyWeird anyway? There is no normal.

  8. actually I think this is totally sweet. Seriously, hands off the kids.

  9. Katie is giving the paps the leave us alone death stare.

  10. I remember my husband use to tell me to stop snuggling at bedtime with my daughter – “It causes dependence” he say. My response was “Well in a couple of years she won’t even want to be seen with us, I am taking advantage of every little moment of closeness I can”. I was right, Suri will grow out of wanting to be held but Katie will cherish those times, like me, when she allow it.

  11. I agree Lisa. I personally don’t have any kids but I think if your kid *wants* or *needs* to be held or cuddled then do it!

  12. What a stupid article (course I’m even dumber for reading it) criticizing a kid wanting to be held by their mother like someone said one day she will be grown and have her own life. They’re only kids once.

  13. I can only imagine how this child will deal when she gets her period.

  14. Thanks for your insightful expertise, JC. Just how many children have YOU raised?

  15. I remember seeing pics of Suri at age 5 with a pacifier in her mouth and I thought that was very strange. At the time I couldn’t help but think how embarrassed I would feel if I was allowing my 5 year old to still use a paci.

    Katie was with her and didn’t seem to be bothered. Keep in mind that Suri is tall for her age so the sight of her sucking on a paci was especially weird

    It’s likely that Suri is indulged often by both parents. Since they are divorced they may be competing for her affections. Not that uncommon in broken homes.

  16. PerezSux, well said. Another pseudo insightful guidance from someone who obviously knows null about children.
    Stop posting kids pictures Janet and start picking on someone your own age.

  17. God forbid that anyone should hug or snuggle their children! A child might love feeling close to their parent, and God knows, we don’t want that!

    Geez people, Suri is getting love from her mother. Too bad more kids are cherished.

  18. Americans are putting their kids in strollers and let them wear diapers until they grow pubes so no wonder Suri acts this way and no wonder Americans are retarded. If truth hurts, even better.

  19. @Leo- yes, one hell of a connection. It was a business contract, Cruise is one of the most closeted gays Hollyweird has ever had

  20. Please.. if a kid wants a hug and you are healthy enough to lift her up for a close embrace.. don’t deny your love hug.. What if oh my word some cute guy picks you up for a hug and kiss.. and you are an adult too.. Stop the INSANITY!

  21. normalcy is overrated, having a balanced, healthy and fulfilled life is what we all should be striving for.

    Is it really that odd that a child (even an 8 year old) wants to be carried by her mother?

    I don’t think so.

  22. I can very easily believe that when Suri becomes a young teen, she and Katie are going to be close and look like 2 sisters instead of mother and daughter. I think that Katie should
    be credited for being a young mother, and Not being “seen” playing the dating game with some
    New suitor every other week. PEACE!!

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