Is Oprah downsizing? Oprah is leaving her ten million dollar sprawl of five connected condos at the Water Tower Place in Chicago and moving to an older building at ultra exclusive East Lake Shore Drive. She had 10,000 square feet at her old place and the new six million dollar condo is half the size. “The condo she’s moving into has views of the lake from every room and takes up an entire floor. The building is very exclusive and private – “old money” – no riff raff. She’ll have more privacy there.” A source told us. “It’s about as exclusive as you can get in Chicago.” But we hear a main reason she’s moving is because of her beloved five DOGS – the new building is more dog-friendly. She got complaints from her neighbors in the old place. She wants nothing but the best for them.

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  1. Can you Imagine what these poor dogs have to do for their supper?Lord I shudder to think of them having to fetch Oprahs smelly slippers.They just put poor Gayle ‘I look like a Horse” King out of a job….Oye vey

  2. Hedda, maybe you can volunteer to “fetch Ms. Winfrey’s supper” and spare her pets an odious chore.
    Of course, Ms Winfrey will have to boil her footwear you have fetched before wearing these shoes………….

  3. I love Oprah and am so glad that she’s a dog lover. I hope she’s happy in her new place.

  4. 10.11 am.
    Do you know Janet Charleton personally or professionally?
    I do not understand the venom directed towards Charleton, of all the gossip hounds she is the least invasive and least nasty.
    I had to look up the expression “hot karls” on google. I’d never heard of the term before seeing it used here.
    “brown shower” is the term more widely used for this particular activity.

  5. This is the same person who freaked when Janet leaked the winner of Rockstar. He’s been away until Janet showed the pic of Tommy and Dave licking each other, then he came flying back with the Hot Karl nasty schtick.
    It’s my little monkey Dave Navarro. Off his meds. lol

  6. Im so happy I have a fan on here.Yet “it” never leaves its name,anonymous post your name,and if your not as ugly as I assume you are, you can fetch me my shoes,and if youve been really good,I will let you wear your teeth and you can smell them.Have a lovely day…….Oye Vey

  7. Patrick,Im waving my hands in the air like I just dont care…….Oye Vey

  8. Patrick, I find it hard to believe someone would lose their flipping mind over a bullshit reality program.

  9. Hedda, when you post messages here using your real name, I will do the same.
    And FYI, you must have more than one “admirer” on this board. I have never responded to your stinking messages prior to instructing you to get on all fours and volunteer your woof, woof services to Ms. Winfrey.

  10. 9:20
    “removes mitt out of patrick’s rectum”
    *shoves mitt in patrick’s mouth”

  11. ^^^^^don’t start none, there won’t be none
    as the late, great james brown once sang.

  12. moving to a place where it is “old money”? what the hell is she doing there from? she comes from poverty.

  13. you people are disgusting in your language and speech. The sexually perverted references make me puke. LOW CLASS DUMPSTER DIVERS!

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