Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Eva Longoria, gabbing and frantically shopping until the last minute- rushing to get home before the traffic gets any worse….. it looks like she picked up a Vuitton basketball carrying case for SOMEBODY……


  1. Maybe she bought Terri Hatcher a new vuitton Vomit bag for the set of Desperate Househags.You can never have enough vomit bags when you scarf n barf……Oye Vey

  2. We saw this lady(my red headed girls and I}on the backlot tour as she was driving to her set.
    She is FAR prettier in real life.

  3. I don’t think this girl is a celebrity, she was doing straight to DVD projects prior to be cast in DH.
    When DH is over, she won’t have a career.
    Her big movie debut,” the sentinel” went nowhere.

  4. Once again, not news or gossip! Like the others I have to declare oy vey and hot carl!

  5. Oh my Gene, The kids sure got you up early this Christmas.
    Or are you alone, drinking.
    And just sooo bitter.
    Merry Christmas Gene…I love you too.

  6. Hmmm…seeing that I live in LA it seems kind of odd that she would be carrying a bag from Louis Vitton on that stretch of MELROSE? The nearest Vitton store is in The beverly center and we know she didn’t walk all that way. Or maybe she just wanted to be photographed with a designer bag, you know, show it off “I do all my shopping at only the best stores because I’m on a hit TV show.” It’s kind of like how Nicole and Paris have publicist that alert the paprazzi to where they are going or be so they will be sure to be photograped and then complain that they hate it. Yeah right?!
    It’s all so Sally Fields in “soap dish” when she would go to the mall in Jersey for attention. Here’s a thought, wouldn’t it be crazy if these people bought some homeless kids something?! You know, maybe spent a third of the cost of what is in that bag? Oh that would be too kookie and zany for even them.

  7. she is a skank, merry x-mas and a happy and haelthy new years to all…..

  8. I don’t see her as having a long career. Her call to fame is Desperate Housewives and the reason she is successful in her part is her looks. She fits the part perfectly physically, which doesn’t mean she can act. Now she’s engaged to a basketball player? Which is good, she’ll need the money down the road.
    Loved your post Rusty! Good eye for details. I, too am tired of celebrities complaining about being dogged by photographers, when they heavily court them. We need to turn off the cameras completely and give them their privacy.

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