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We never thought we’d see a photograph of Andy Warhol where he in any way resembled James Dean, but here it is. In this rare photo, youthful Andy must have been freshly graduated from Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh, and in New York doing magazine illustrations. Little did he know that someday his paintings would sell for 100 million dollars.


  1. This very flattering photo conceals that unfortunate Andy also had a complexion that looked like Dominoes delivered it! 🙁

  2. Sad thing he was not a talented painter. What he was was fortunate to be around moronic whores in NY who self inflated his moronic art work. But we already know that’s how the haughty and superficial art crowd is.

  3. Interesting to note he has been post diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. If you know the tells’s with these people he is a classic Aspy. Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks have recently come out admitting they have the syndrome as well.
    Check out the list of famous Aspies online.
    Remember those nerds who everybody snickered at back in middle school? Chances are they’re rich nerds now. Bill Gates etc.

  4. I thought this was a photo of Chris Colfer from Glee. The resemblance is uncanny.

  5. James DEAN?
    Maybe the hairstyle, but that’s about the extent of it.

  6. I think he has beautiful eyes.
    I do agree with you Hollywood W. C. you make perfect sense and I agree his art was not that great altho the portrait of Marilyn and Elizabeth were awesome, but then I don’t know the procedure he took in getting there either. if they were painted from scratch that’s one thing, but I don’t think so. They look photographically manipulated to me, and not “paintings” at all.

    Patrick, I’d like to hear more about your theory. Sounds interesting. Altho I haven’t known the “aspys” as you say to be as personable and social as Hanks and Spielberg. And I hadn’t heard anything about them “coming out” with this. I’d think it would be all OVER the place. Was this recent or old news?

  7. I don’t think he looks like James Dean at all and Andy Warhol formed into something special and He had more then 15 minutes of fame attached to him and…… He did make history in a whole nother way and that is throw art and crossing his art with other people and that is something we will never forget! But as far as James Dean I don’t see it and the reason is James Dean is far more attractive and one of my first crush! Of Course James had lived and died…Before I was born?

  8. if young andy looked like james dean
    young ME looked like sophia loren…..

  9. Love ya Pit, but does anyone else find Casonia’s posts just inpossible to read?

  10. I agree, Reta is Casonia sade Loganberry.
    Scitzophrenia much Reta.

  11. I think it’s amazing that people are just figuring out Reta now.

  12. My nephew has major Asperger’s syndrome. He can stare at a baseball game for 10 hours straight &talk about baseball for hours. He cannot go into a room full of people and act social at all and can’t even say how ya doing. Dude is 48 and lives in a mansion and holds down a good job. Those that Patrick listed (and more) have been diagnosed with this incurable disease. Just google,….Tom Hanks – asperger syndrome and scroll down to the video.

  13. Eh..no. He didn’t look like James Dean. I agree with Richard Thomas aka Jon Boy Walton. Or even that kid from Glee. But you need your eyes checked if you mistake him for James Dean.

  14. Reta can’t be Casonia. Reta knows what punctuation is.

  15. He ruined a lot of lives including his own with his illegal excesses and perverted strangeness..

  16. James Dean??

    Puleez, maybe if you are looking through Elton John’s beer goggles!!

  17. Patrick, I’m shocked by you. Are you starting your war with me all over again? Thought you were over that and on to someone new dear Patty-Boy!

  18. Yeah, Aspergers and “social” don’t go hand in hand. They Usually don’t like to talk much to other people. If you’ve ever watched the real “Rainman” with his father it’s very interesting. They go on tour and he can be asked anything about dates or numbers and will give a perfect answer every time. But, like the movie, he is not social. Classic Aspergers.

  19. No REta, Rainman is low functioning autistic with savant qualities in one specific area. Numbers.
    Aspies are high functioning under the spectrum.
    Low functioning autistics could give a damn about being social. Aspies desperately want to be social but don’t read visual cues and can’t get past discussing only ‘their’ interests.
    One in twelve children born is now diagnosed under the spectrum i.e. adhd, tourette’s, autism/aspergers.
    The buzz phrase among medical pro’s is now. “what is normal?”

  20. Wow he really does look like Chris C. from Glee…holy cow

  21. It is rumored that Andy was really James Dean and that Dean did not die in the crash… Hmmm…..

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