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Kim Kardashian didn’t forget to put her ridiculously big two million dollar ring on when she went out to lunch with fiancee Kris Humphries, and we’re betting it’s the REAL THING. Kim has two rings – the expensive one and an exact copy that is FAKE. She wears the real one when she’s not alone and feels totally safe, but puts on the fake one for all other occasions. So you never really know what you’re looking at.



  1. Please tell us she burned that hideous frock the minute she got home.

  2. Does Kim Whoredashian’s boyfriend know about the viral gift that Reggie Bush supposedly gave to her? Or does he have it too making it a moot point?

  3. Every part of her is fake, ass, face, personality, so why not a ring? Starting to believe she has a pull string in her back & runs on Duracells.

  4. She hasn’t got far to go till she is as wide as she is short.
    Very peculiar dimensions indeed.
    My kids generation seems to consider her action ridiculous. So who’s buying?

  5. Amazing for a white family to be so famous for sex w/ BLACKS!

  6. Real or fake and no matter what she is still Rich and has massive money to burn and of course the gold around the fake ass ring is real and she is just having fun with no worry of stress and pressure and most of all she is still walking around with a Guard to protect her with a Fake Ring and I am sure it does not matter to the person…Who is collecting the pay check!

  7. Casonia dear, that is not a guard for her fake ring, that is her fiance. And I believe the OTHER giant guy with them is his brother or one of his teammates, but i’m going with brother.

  8. By the way, it has NEVER been known that Kim has any sexual diseases, let alone from Reg Bush. it’s Paris Hilton who is majorly FAMOUS for having genital herpes. She’s even been photographed with Valtrex which is a RX med for keeping it from breaking out. I think she’s the most famous “celeb” with it, but statistics say that 50% of the population has it, so watch out people!

  9. Yikes!!!!!! Weird photo! Kym’s wearing super high heals and still looks so short next to her fiancé! I know she’s 5’2 but looks so outa portion next to her guy! Truly not a good match !!!!!!!!

  10. I’ve never seen a dress like this even in a second hand store with a flap hanging down in back. Is she shopping at thrift stores?

  11. Indy, thanks for pointing that out…I didn’t see that at all til you mentioned it and then I did a GIANT double-take! You know, the thing looks more like a blouse to me than a dress. Maybe she just can’t tell the difference, but usually it’s Paris that we see in obviously blouse, worn as dress, nightmares!

  12. I said the same thing about mom Strom,but once you go black you don’t go back.

  13. her entire life is already fake.

  14. She makes “disgusting” seem pleasant. Nasty urinal girl.

  15. I just can’t help but wonder if his proportions are the same in other areas. Ahem, if so Kim must really get a work out if ya know what I mean.

  16. The purchase of just ONE $785 Cubic Zirconia cocktail ring plus lots of inventive Kardashian P.R. equals a substantial savings in engagement ring costs.

  17. Not really Muffin, her “openings” have been so stretched by the multitude of BLACK men who have entered them that she “needs” a large guy to even attempt to fill them.

  18. By Strom,

    Are you admitting that “black men” are far more superior than other men, in the “hung well” department?

  19. Muffin, strom has had a terrible fear of BLACK man dick all his life. He cringes in terror with night sweats as huge BLACK dicks come at him from every angle—surging and squirting all over him and he suddenly finds himself gulping hungrily for refreshments all the while his own tiny member stands at full attention saluting the superior but he can’t find his little friend in the rolls and rolls of blubber he lives in, so to no avail he releases a remarkably microscopic dot of his own, which of course can’t ever compete with the horrible, terrible big BLACK dick which haunt him nightly…and so it goes…

  20. Why is this woman famous ? Such a creepy looking weird, out of proportion creature. Why do we continue to support her already outrageous wealth, by giving her the time of day? We really should be making heroes, of those who truly have done something of benefit, those who are quality human beings.What is wrong with us ?

  21. Was watching TMZ a few months ago where the paps were dogging our Kimmie. She had on a super tight dress and I guess she heard them snickering, so she turned around and said..:F off you F-ers, I’ll have you know I’m proud of my big fat ass.

    Every time I see KK, I think of this. LOL

  22. who cares….lord I am sick of seeing her all over the place….talk about over exposure….

  23. I agree Reta, I’ve seen him in the shower.

  24. Not really, she has been pounded by so many and in so many places that so much wear has occured….those in the know like Reg say.

  25. Kim most certainly can rock a fake orgasm. Kris is doomed.

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