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OJ Simpson is definitely a monster, but he does have his bizarrely entertaining moments. He’s serving his 33 year prison sentence in Nevada but he can still dream, can’t he? according to RadarOnline, OJ has become fixated on Kim Kardashian and has her nude photos from Playboy on his cell wall. He reasons that she likes black ball players and while he’s serving time, he bragged to a prison buddy, “Kanye can have her now, but when I get out, she’s MINE!” Kim was only 14, when her father represented Simpson on trail for murdering his wife Nicole. Ironically, he was rumored to have had a fling with Kris Jenner that resulted in the birth of Khloe. Of course, OJ weighs 300 pounds now, so when he’s released, women might not be so attracted to him.



  1. Wasn’t there something about OJ getting an appeals hearing, and getting out of prison early?
    If so, someone should be very worried.

  2. Check w/ T/Tom/Tommy for the OJ update & if Fred the G$$$man got the gold!

    OK pounded the mom so he probably assumes he can pound the daughter too!

  3. How about showing some pics of Khloe visiting her dad OJ in prison?

  4. Believe this!!
    The Juice will Not be in a position to take a “stab” at anyone anytime soon. The key has long been thrown away to his alleyway of freedom.
    In this case the mighty has taken a hard fall.
    Proof positive, his huge ego landed him into one of the biggest gambles by claiming what was his, only to end up in the slammer with Not a single memento that he lost his freedom for. Not one time has this man (publicly) been able to express grief about his ex-wife and the mother of his 2 children. His life after Nicole’s death was like a parade for him. If that was Not bad enough he allowed the book (If) I Did It to be published with his cooperation. Enough Already about this has/been,ENOUGH!!

  5. Women might not be attracted to him because he’s a cold blooded killer – never mind how much he weighs!

  6. A few weeks ago the rags claimed OJ was in love with Pimp Granny Kris! It’s all BS to keep them in the news

  7. he didn’t forget the fner things in life……………

  8. He & Kim would make a perfect couple, both, stupid, empty & narcissistic

  9. Bogus story, like most Radar fare. Nude pix = not allowed for inmates!

  10. Check w T/Tom/Tommy for the OJ update & if Fred the G$$$man got the gold!

  11. His weight is the least of the things unattractive about him. Maybe the fact that he got away with 2 murders and is a misogynist pig would put most women off.

  12. He was always known as bad tempered and arrogant but it never stopped Nichole and other white women from flocking to him. Once that started his BLACK wife was history.

  13. OJ’s not the only psycho murder freak stalking her.. but Kim thinks OJ’s infatuation is flattering, so one up Bey-bey! Mama Pimp Kris thinks the dangers of any maniac’s obsession to claim her makes for a great dramatic storyline.. Kayne thinks oh yeah baby, that bad dope.. ya watch out for the North kid, but I’m looking at big money woman.. I got this ultra-super-fine-gig to plan, partnering with the best of the best.. private showing of my inventions, crazy new designs everyone will fight for and copy, ease up.. and I need private time for my genius to come to full fruition ya know, ya know?

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