Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were a bad match from the start. She’s a hard-working model, grateful for her success and filled with ambition. She is very sociable and aims to develop a career as a TV personality or correspondent. Grateful seems not to be in Zayn’s vocabulary – the drop-dead handsome singer just walked away from his One Direction group at the height of their popularity, left the other guys in the lurch, and petulantly complained that he was “anxious” and couldn’t tolerate all the public attention. Instead of addressing his anxiety problem, he moved to a remote ranch in Pennsylvania. He even uses his baby daughter as an excuse for being reclusive. These are all the ingredients for a huge custody battle over his and Gigi’s child that he keeps hidden.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA – Gigi and Zayn in happier days…


  1. I’d say that moving to a remote ranch in Pennsylvania is a wonderful way to address an anxiety problem.

  2. This is an old photo. Zayn is now covered in neck tattoos and has other new ones on his arms. He is clearly full of self-loathing and most likely seriously mentally ill. Gigi should not let him be alone with their daughter.

  3. True but why give her so much creidt….she was more than happy to open her legs, early and often, to this oddball and have the child. She is no model citizen.

  4. Give me a break, Janet! You show so much favoritism in your posts! Gigi is NO angel, I’m sure! You know nothing about Zayn and what he’s dealt with. Leave them alone and let them deal with this issues themselves. Go have lunch with Gigi’s over-bearing mom, Yolanda!

  5. Another paid for opinion? No integrity to be found here. I’m not his fan, never have been. I actually somewhat liked Gigi, no longer. Everything that man did for his anxiety is great therapy. Him admiting his issues is bravery. How dare you degrade someone who is admittedly struggling with mental health issues? You have no idea if he’s getting therapy for his issues at home. You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself, I’m ashamed for you.

  6. A “hard working” model? She has never worked an actual day in her life. Let her try a job like most people in the world work daily. Her corrupt father is a con artist who made his money cheating and destroying the environment/land.
    She actually has the audacity to identify herself as “Palestinian”( the ancient Roman word for Jews) because she must believe the anti-Semitic rhetoric she has no doubt been taught by her dad. As Zayn clearly does too, no wonder they get along. He’s abusive and no doubt always and she went along with it because she is a fame whore and clout chaser. Had it not been for all the plastic surgery she’s had and her dad’s money she no one would know who she is. The sooner they both go away the better.

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