clooneycut.jpgEvery time somebody writes something unflattering about George Clooney, we fall all over ourselves rushing to reprint it and make sure no one misses it. He’s not the nice guy he appears to be. Yeah, we hold a grudge against him. After Princess Diana’s untimely death at the hands of a macho drunken limo driver, George made a big deal out of publicly and arrogantly accusing THE PRESS of killing Diana. Many uninformed people believed him and turned AGAINST the photographers and reporters who work so hard to give YOU celebrity news. Including us. His callous remarks eroded the public’s opinion of the entertainent press and challenged freedom of the press. What he was REALLY irked about was he fact that his comings and goings with different women were reported in detail and they all got MAD at him! He didn’t LIKE that intrusion into his private life so he twisted his anger into the Diana accusation that did untold damage. THAT’S why we’ll never let George off the hook.

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  1. He’s a closet gay who thinks people should buy into his over-blown opinions like sheep. I decided a couple of years ago never to buy a ticket to a movie he makes. He can make his money off someone else.

  2. i agree george is all about telling people what america should be doing but do you see him volunteering to go to places like darfur as part of a military unit? no, what you see is george volunteering to said send other people to fight for his beliefs while he relaxes at his villa in lake como. he’s no better than cheney, bush, o’reilly and all the other middle age patriots who are happy to send young people off to kill and die for their beliefs.

  3. Another Bloated hollywood ego,this azzwipe got his start on the Facts Of Life.He should return to it,hes an untalented ugly in the closet hack.

  4. you mean his “beards” get angry..thats a lot of nerve as he is fooling NO ONE with the girl date thing..who cares that he likes “basketBALL”

  5. George is an eg-maniac and personally I think he is BORRRing!!! He believes his own hype. Everyone I know does not like him because he lacks humility.

  6. Clooney’s the new Rock Hudson. Married for a nanosecond so he could check divorced (straight) on his bio. The guy’s a chump. He recited movie dialogue in a ‘press conference’ after Di’s death. Actually staged it like he was a public official…like they were close. Also claimed photographers hound him so much one tried to get a picture of him peeing. As if the world is obsessed with seeing his member. Egoman!

  7. Bravo Janet!! I usually don’t agree with most of what you print, but this time I do.

  8. and Janet if you read your comments (I hope that you do)

  9. I totally agree with the poster who says George volunteers other people to fight for his beliefs while he attends conferences and relaxes in his villa. If he doesn’t want the military life, there are so many other ways he do something for the world, Darfur included. He can join the Peace Corp or an NGO and live over and help those victims he cares so much about. He’s a phoney and will never do any of that though cause it would interfere with his career and personal life.

  10. I’m not going there with you , Miss Charleton.
    Sorry, you may work hard but let’s be real here, you’re not exactly saving lives in your line of work.
    Clooney made an overblown comment about the press 10 years ago and you can’t let it go?
    I’m shocked about this because out of all the gossip columnists floating out there you seem the least invasive and caustic and the most sane of the bunch.
    I’m not even a fan of this fucking guy but I think you’re wrong.
    I read the comment on the ny post website and didn’t think anything of it. Out of all the terrible, nasty and truthful comments that can be dredged up about a person, that item printed in the ny post about George Clooney is like, nothing.

  11. zzz there has to be more to this vendetta. Come on, spill it! There are zillions of other pompous jackass celebrities that you don’t choose to pick on.

  12. george doesnt look so hot in that picture, lookin’ old.
    pretty arrogant.

  13. i do think that the paparazzo have gone to new extremes of exploiting celebs, maybe some of that has to do with the advancements of technology mixed with what might be a desire to reveal that they are just slobs like us.

  14. The first ever celebrity voice over on South Park was for Stan’s little gay dog Spike! Mr. Clooney himself!
    I thought George made it quite clear, didn’t you?
    That’s a good boy Spike, get on me, get on me, oh Spike!

  15. EXcuse me George went to Dar fur. EVEN went in front of the UN to ask them to assist them as well. DIDJA know?
    Why are people in the Military considered heroes? It’s not like they walk off the street and say TAKE ME TO WAR TO SPILL BLOOD FOR MY COUNTRY… Many people I have known joined the Military for completely different reasons. NONE of them BECAUSE I WANT TO SERVE MY BLOATED COUNTRY. But again, I’m sure some do. But they get paid, benefits… It’s not a volunteer program, It’s a JOB. They’re doing their dayum JOB. Why is that called a HEOR? But for the love of Gawd stop calling people in the Military hero’s, they’re victims of a cruel cruel Government, that half off you don’t even know about. So much deeper, then a liberal or conserv issue. SO much… if only you knew. People in the military are being USED as puppets. So Dallard is just another cliche espousing the same ole conservative rhetoric. If this country was really in danger, if 9-11 really was an outside job, if my safety and my families safety and rights weren’t being stripped away by OTHER governments than my own, THEN I WOULD CALL THESE PEOPLE HEROES, but these people are just victims, dying each day, FOR WHAT? My rights? The Iraqi rights? No… part of a failing step to take control over the East. I feel sorry for the Military… because they are just doing their jobs, for corrupt reasons CREATED BY THE PTB (powers that be)
    Hollywood does love to pat themselves on the back for many things. But so do the rest of humanity, Why is George any exception to be crucified? What are we doing everyday to make this world a better place?
    Dallard is just another form of Critics. Watching, observing and calculating through his own filter of whats good and bad. But what is he doing??? That’s right– what the majority of the world does, criticizes others efforts as not being up to par, then telling them what they should do,(while we sit stupidly in the comfort of our own homes and asleep life’s) and comparing them to some other illusion created by MEDIA owned by the same people to keep are senses dull as usual and pointing the finger at others instead of the real criminals in the country. Meanwhile all we are doing, is being lied to, blaming others, split into polarities of good and bad, Repub, Demo, and bickering amongst ourselves. Good job, play into it.
    I have watched pieces of a Docu George made about Darfur, Him and his father went there. I’m scheduling a flight out to Africa soon, to experience whats going on, as well as doing other things in Los Angeles… We all seek meaning in our life’s, but we await something outside of ourselves to give it to us. WE HAVE TO CREATE THAT MEANING. The more labels we have on ourselves, the more confined we are. We become just a packaged item on the shelf of the pharmacy.
    People say ” I DONT THINK THE PAPARAZZI GO TOO FAR ” Have you ever seen them swarm around a celeb. They don’t just snap away, THEY BEGIN THE VERBAL ATTACK AS WELL, to elicit a reaction. If the paps were to just take the pic, I have no issue. But it’s the constant seeking of the reaction, the money shot that I despise. I don’t care what you say a celeb is still a human being, even if they have the one thing you think would erase all your troubles in the world – MONEY. And to mention, half of these papa’ places hire ex gang members and dodgy characters, who knows what they are capable of. Fine take the fucking picture, BUT STOP TRYING TO ELICIT SOME ARCHAIC RESPONCE BY SAYING VULGAR AND RUDE THINGS…
    Wake up people… Your taking your life frustrations out on these celebs and it’s really starting to become cliche…
    Wake up!~

  16. You could of been a waiter.
    Nobodies chasing them around.
    All hail Paris.

  17. He is 100% right!! you celebrity stalkers will
    sell your mother for a story
    and you know it…shame!!
    and what does his opinion
    have to do with the Paparazzi
    being foul, dangerous and out of control….speak up Ms, C

  18. You are full of it!!what happen he turn your ugly
    old sagging but down???you
    sound bitter to me and very personal.

  19. I always liked George, but that incident with Teri Hatcher turned me against him. The gossip guy from E told the story that a “source so close to George that the show didn’t have to worry about lawsuits”–George himself–said that they went out once and then she started leaving him all these messages asking where their relationship was going. It was so high schoolish. There was no other reason to tell a gossip columnist the story other than to embarrass Teri.

  20. Who the fuck are you? Perez Fucking Hilton? Get over it! He was right on the money that the press had a great deal to do w/ Princess Di’s death. Unless you were chasing the limo, grow the fuck up! He wasn’t talking about you, & many members of the press are vultures.

  21. “him volunteering to go to places like darfur as part of a military unit”
    He is not going to volunteer. Our service need to be at home.NOt on tours of duty that last for years and years with their families on welfare.

  22. what’s up with that person writing this ginormous thesis in here? she must have been on her lunch break at forever 21.
    dahlink, relax it.

  23. if youre going to get up on your hobby horse, be sure to check yer spelling. youse soundeth rathereth retardedeth.

  24. February 14, 2007 1:19 PM
    Posted by: Anonymous
    “Fuck you” is that spelled good enough for you.

  25. February 14, 2007 1:19 PM
    Posted by: Anonymous
    It is called a mistake. I am sorry that I get a little upset over our servicemen getting killed for nothing and having to see their families on welfare.
    While your so busy being pissed off at George and anyone who speaks out against the war. What are you doing to help our servicemen?

  26. Uh, not sure that the paps and the tabloid press are worthy of much regard or respect.

  27. Clooney’s a publicist’s dream. Sold pictures of him and his pot bellied pig when he got a gig on Roseanne. Then got all high and mighty after E.R. Wants it both ways. Paparazzi are pests, but support the First Amendment. That’s what a free press is all about.

  28. yo, zsa, zsa.
    you ain’t gotta read those long assed posts.
    like, there is like, this new invention that like, you use when you like, can’t deal with a message that is like, longer than two sentences.
    its like, called “scrolling”.

  29. Sit Spike. Good boy.
    Roll over Spike. Good boy.
    Now, don’t be gay.
    Don’t be gay Spike.
    Wait, wait Spike come back.
    Come back Spike!

  30. he comes to the medical office in beverly hills where i work to see his Doc and we girls look at him and say “whatever”. he’s not all that.

  31. AND, best of all, when he comes to see his Doc, i’ve been out on the sidewalk a few times coming back from getting a drink or meal across the street and twice i’ve seen him get into a towncar, not that energy efficient car he says he drives!

  32. Finally! Someone had the balls to call it like it IS. Highest regards to Pat Dollard for finally speaking the truth about good old George and the rest of the overblown Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Rosie O’Donnell Hollywood crowd. Kuddos to Pat!

  33. Oh lord Urbansissy..
    DO you mind when Patricia Neal, Mel Gibson, Ron Silver and others cry on about conservative issues?? NO!!!
    Someone complaining about somebody saying anything negative about the creepy paparazzi that lead Lady Di to her death should be ashamed. Janet…I love you stuff, although you have been very delayed in new stuff recently, you should know better that not all issues are cut and dry…

  34. Imagine my surprise when I saw Janet Charleton had a column, I thought she died years ago! My god woman you must be 1000 years old. Pat Dollard is insane, nobody but a dottering old fool would believe a word that meth smoker says.

  35. As bad as that picture of Ms.
    Charleton is, it is a old one.
    so what the hell does she look like now??? Her and Cindy Adams probably interviewed
    Adam and Eve!!!

  36. Janet,
    George Clooney has used his money and power to do more for people in need than I’m sure you ever did.
    And the driver was being an idiot in Diana’s wreck, but my God, he was being chased too.
    I’ve seen the paparazzi swarming because there are so many of them now. Don’t you think that’s terrifying?
    Gossip is one thing, but holding a 10 year grudge against someone who spoke the truth, in general if not technically. . .wow, pathetic.

  37. Clooney takes himself way to seriously. Can’t find a woman? Likes guys? Maybe a little of both? Who cares. But actors who hold press conferences about world events need to be reeled back in. The guy wants it both ways — and I don’t mean sexually. He used to mug for photographers when he was on Facts OF Life and Roseanne. Then he becomes a movie star and becomes all concerned about privacy. Press is part of the deal. Stop whining. Go adopt some babies like Angelina.

  38. I’m a little bored with celebs who do everything to become famous and then when they are they whine about their privacy. I think most of us who have to work our butts off to make ends meet would glady give up a little privacy to have the money and advantages that celebs have. I’m not a clooney fan. I think he’s arrogant. Oh and he’s so gay. Whatever, but the womanizer bit is kind of old and most of us don’t believe it anyway.,

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