lohanrehab1cut.jpgSerious people in AA are getting used to the fuss when Lindsay Lohan attends one of their meetings. But they are very doubtful about her commitment. Recently she was heard discussing her involvement with group leaders and she supposedly remarked “I’m still really not sure if I’m gonna join AA.” They could barely contain their laughter. “Is she KIDDING?” Lindsay doesn’t understand that if you attend meetings you are “in AA” -there is no special ceremony for being inducted into the organization – like a sorority. Lindsay’s sincerity appears questionable at best. We still think she’s just going through the motions so she can get insured and make movies.

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  2. she has so much yet so little..why doesn’t SOMEONE get her the help she needs..she is getting really pathetic

  3. ya it just probably means that she attends meetings but keeps drinking the vodka in her water bottle

  4. I bet she O.D”s by this summer,say June.Anyone else care to Guess?

  5. Poor, confused young lady. Apparently she has had no parental direction other than a push into the acting world. She is the perfect candidate for lots of casual sex…..lets celebrate that!

  6. Someone needs to drop this idiot off at some remote desert island with paris racist herpes hilton,nicky slut liar hilton, nicole cocaine skeletor richie, kim liver cirrhosis stewart, britney drunk train wreck spears and kim”i drink pee also” kardashian. Howard K. Stern could host the party.

  7. Lindsay, has anyone mentioned that rehab may actually be effective if you stay there for more than a couple of hours! Go away and clean up, for crying out loud. No, on second thought, JUST GO AWAY!

  8. well, for her just like anyone doing AA or the like, it is all baby steps. it’s not done in one meeting, one weekend, or one stint at some overpriced motel called wonderland.
    she doesnt know it, but soon enough she too will be replaced with the new batch of younger fresh meat. maybe then things will slow down for her and she’ll grow up.

  9. Finally, someone figured out that she’s just going through the motions, and it’s purely P.R. She’s not smart enough to pull it off.
    Please, send her packing along with her nit wit friends like Paris, Nicole, Brittney, et al. The public has had enough!

  10. I thought what happens at AA meetings is confidential. Why is a spy reporting ANYTHING said by anyone there? And why is it being repeated here?

  11. Is La Lohan suffering from hair loss? Not surprising given her self-abusive lifestyle…

  12. this pig’s a joke. No one will EVER take her seriously..mark my words. She is a NO ONE. She’s a nasty pig with no talent and a drug problem at the age of 20. She’ll never go anywhere.

  13. i think she is talented.. she has a father who is in jail and a mother who pretty much taught her to party hard the way she does. she got in with the wrong crowd and turned herself into a snotty mouthy bitch.
    she needs to eat some humble pie. take some time off and rethink things before they rethink her.

  14. What she needs is a stern bodyguard who advises her on her actions. She need someone to give her solid advice. How would your kids react if they had tons of money in the bank and support network of “REAL Friends”, like that ole’ Donald Trump says. A real friend with stick with you throught the good and bad times. What kind of a friend would allow her to go out partying all the time… Gee, those Hollywood directors must not really care like the directs in the old days… What do you think ? It’s all about money! They’ll cast you in a movie so long as you bring money into the box office. The more the Kid’s in the news, talk about some cheap advertising – wonder if she will OD this summer and arrive DOA.
    Now, that’d be a real joke!

  15. Nothing, not AA meetings, not rehab, not a stern bodyguard, will help Lindsay until she admits that she needs help.

  16. Hopefully she O.D.’s by the end of the month to put us out of our misery. She can take he slut mother with her. If not, I really like the island idea someone mentioned earlier. There’s an AA meeting for her right there.

  17. Not too hung over, huh linds??? Get the hell out of our faces you dirty pig.

  18. It is unfortunate that people talk about what is said in the rooms of AA. It is an anonymous program. When we read stories like this is makes the rooms feel unsafe for all of us. It makes it particular unsafe for celebrities who need recovery. These programs save lives. Hopefully the process of recovery would be respected and that we individually would choose to give each member the dignity and privacy they deserve.

  19. These postings are terrible. Obviously no one understands addiction and its devastating consequences. Everyone is so judgemental.

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