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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are super low-key – they look like two ordinary West Village kids going out to a movie. But they happen to be two of the biggest stars in the world. The dead giveaway to their identity is Nicole’s expensive handbag. They do look happy, though.



  1. They look like filthy street people trying so hard to say they are normal.

    Well at least Nicole Might be getting some stiff stuff after 10 years of none.

    Vulgar shallow people who think they are better than any of us. Yuck.

  2. I am so so happy for Nicole that she finally found what seems to be a normal, loving, faithful and dedicated husband who really loves her. I am so glad she has been able to have her two babies finally and experience that as well. Something was really wrong with that relationship with Tom. Let alone that he blindsided her with the divorce instead of attempting marraige counseling first.

  3. tom is for kate and nicole is for keith. they had found each other and find happiness. please be happy for them.

  4. Rita, I totally agree with you. I’m happily surprised that they’re still together. Sounds like they’re made for each other.

  5. I can’t stand Nicole Kidman. She just seems to come off as such a snob. I’m glad Hollywood finally got tired of paying her ridiculous amounts of money.

    Kieth on the other hand, does seem to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy. A little bit whipped maybe, but still a nice guy!

  6. Nothing says Christmas like these two extremely talented actors, singers and beards. I am a big fan of Miss thang and Nicole.

  7. I wonder if Nicole and Keith have a contract like Tom and Nicole was alleged to have had?

    I still don’t think she gave birth to Sunday Rose (who is adorable & looks just like Keith).

  8. That dress is horrible. With all her money Nicole should have a stylist weed out her wardrobe and give advice on what to wear, not a Style & Co dress at 20% off.

  9. I have read many times that Nicole is a real snot, will not sign autographs, will not take pictures with a fan. I read where 4 teenagers waited outside a restaurant for her to come out and politely asked for a picture and she told them to get lost. BTW, this pic does not show it, but her last injections of botox and lip enhancements were a disaster. Poor short Keith; I hope he can take her diva attitude for the long haul.

  10. Indy do you think they are a real couple or a couple that kinda do their own thing?

    The kids are really cute and look just like Urban. I haven’t heard of Kidman having a good nature toward her fans.

  11. Edith’s Designer Head: IMHO, it’s really not known if these two are getting along well or if it is all fake. I have a feeling they are having trouble “keeping it all together” what with separate careers and 2 kids to take care of. Only time will tell, and nothing is surprising at what celebrites will do.

    Regarding these articles I read about her being aloof to fans: I don’t know if it is true or not, but defintely read it several times. 🙁

  12. Yeah like two little frozen faced botoxed kids, lay off the nog Janice

  13. It looks to me like like they’re attempting to look happy. Doesn’t look genuine. Half-assed smile for the cameras.Duh!

  14. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle for me. I just tried to imagine how Nicole’s life was with tiny Scientologist Tom Thumb. It must have been pure hell for her to live with this madman, esp. with him constantly pushing SCI on her and her rebelling against it…..until the divorce. So, I guess she has a right to be slightly nutty and to marry yet another man much shorter than she is. LOL

  15. That hand bag could feed a dozen Africans. I wonder if it tastes good…..

  16. So according to the latest bling item Keith lost his hair and is wearing a wig! Getting plastic surgery!

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