Okay, so we’re not huge fans of Sean Penn, but sometimes we really like his work and the trailer for his new movie “This Must Be The Place “ has tickled our fancy. Penn plays an aging wealthy goth rockstar (think Robert Smith) ) living a boring life in Dublin until his estranged father dies back in America. He hasn’t seen his father in 30 years but the rocker flies to the USA to settle the estate, and he learns his father was tormented by an SS officer during the holocaust and the Nazi might still be alive in America. He sets out to find him and has many adventures in the process. Why are the plots of independent films so much more interesting than blockbusters?


  1. Because when Hollywood plans blockbusters they never do anything new It must be a remake or a squel or prequel. Otherwise it is a rehased TV show. Never anything original. Stars must be young and very attractive. And they must be able to sell clothes, Happy Meals, and other merchandise connected to the movie. Independent movies don’t concern themselves about this nonsense. All they worry about is making a good movie.

  2. How does Spicoli go unchallenged with Socialist propaganda on CNN?
    BTW it was nice to hear MariaC.Alonso handed him his assss recently.

  3. Entertainement and News Industry are busy dividing us by class and race like every two bit dictator…Sound familiar?

  4. I’ve always liked his movies. Sweet and Lowdown is great.
    This looks interesting and offbeat.

  5. I wouldn’t go see one of this commie puke’s movies if you paid me to. Hell. I wouldn’t even watch it on TV for free! Not only is his politics ugly, he’s ugly!

  6. this looks like a wonderful little movie. thanks for posting the trailer, janet: it’s on my list. 🙂

  7. As much america want to crucify hitler and the third reich, americam goverment does many similarties like them. Eugenics, experimenting,and killing a set of people that is by now more than 6 million in 21st century. This is american goverment or the 4th reich.

  8. The movie looks very interesting. I found him hard to look at in the trailer though. There is a Robert Smith/Edward Scissorhands look to him, but he came across like he was burnt ala Ozzie (who I actually adore).

  9. ah….”Nazi’s Might be alive in America” I thought it was common knowledge that the SS scientists came back to America (much like Mr. Thomas -of the English Muffin fortune ;)) after the war and continued their experiments. UM, Methadone IS the most perscribed pain reliever in America for the last 15 years. Am I the only one who thinks the SS tactics are alive and well in USA. GOD, I hope not.

    Regardless, (and note:I’m team Galliano on this one)this flick Does sound rather interesting, WHICH is not standard movie proceedings as of decades late, so I will prob watch it.

    Besides, I can bring it back to ’87 when The Cure ruled my life.

    Many blessings y’all. Especially for that lick of hottness which calls itself, STROM!

  10. This one does look like a hoot!

    But we try to limit our boys’ exposure to the holocaust/nazi-hunter genre. We just don’t want their heads filled with a lot of self-chosenite propaganda and shit-they-made-up.

    Feel the same way about those pirate movies. 🙂

  11. One does not have to be “likeable” in order to be an accomplished or successful actor/athlete/musician/business owner.

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