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Weston Cage has emerged from exile with a shaved head, a strange look on his face, and a renewed friendship with his mother Christina Fulton (far right.) Weston, Nikki, his pregnant wife of four months, and Christina had dinner at BOA together. Both he and Nikki are still supposedly in rehab. He showed off some karate moves while waiting for his car. Hmmm…


  1. Weston is reminding me of the Courtney Love days that no one wants to remember. Weston, dear, your father’s promised inheritance has been snatched by the IRS, so there’s NO ONE to bail your sorry azz out of jail now. Simmer down.

  2. Me thinks this poor guy has some bad dna from his dad….(and probably the mom too) I wonder if his mother owns anything even slightly conservative in her closet.

    I already feeling sorry for the baby. Hope Weston can get the necessary medical help and meds that he needs.

  3. I don’t know…he has this G.G. Allen thing going on. A martyr complex.

  4. This story will not end well. 🙁

    And Walt, Weston’s mama has a very tasteful “two bandaids and a cork ensemble”—in black—for funerals and business meetings.

  5. Never would have guessed that Mel and I were ever on the same wavelength, but there it is.

  6. Didn’t he just finish a stint in rehab? Or was it jail? Anyways, I feel sorry for this kid, he seems to be leaning towards bipolar & if that’s the case which I’m hoping isn’t, may he get the help he needs, godspeed.

  7. All three need help fast, they all look totally blitzed! Some of the above comments above are right, this situation ain’t gonna end well.

  8. This guy is impossibly nuts, off his rocker, and all three have NO business having control and handling of ANOTHER baby human (look at what happened to the FIRST one Christine had) and these two want to do nothing more than be stoned and beat the blitz out of each other or whoever else is standing nearby. If there IS a “God in Heaven” Indy, get busy NOW asking him to send this coming child to some other parents, and magically end this farce of upcoming “parenthood” these conclomerate genes have managed to sploge together…send it floating down the river of life to land in the rushes and be found by some lovely young woman who has been trying forever to make bats fly out of her vagina because that’s all this is going to end in!


  10. Reta, these people suffer from Brain abnormalities, calling them ‘off their rocker’ could probably be phrased a little more compassionately.

  11. @Walt,
    ….”two bandaids and a cork ensemble”—in black—for funerals and business meetings.”

    LOL!!!!! 🙂

  12. Oops…..copy and paste isn’t working…

    @Mona Garrett,

    ….”two bandaids and a cork ensemble”—in black—for funerals and business meetings.”

    LOL!!!!! 🙂

  13. Hell, he’s a lot more interesting then majority of Hollywood stars.. like that sh@% head Tom Cruise or Russell Crowe.

  14. Pippa, I agree but Reta is self-righteous, crazy and a liar. So what do you expect?.

    Weston is in need of a mental health clinic stat! Unfortunately, you can’t force others to get help.

  15. Cages seems like he is having a wonderful time and you never know it maybe a real Hot summer and that could be one of the reason and YES World I hope your not calling him manic depressive like Britney Spears and it is a shame what the state is doing to Britney forcing her to take those pills against her will and those pills cause heart attacks and stroke and sudden death and weight gain and it retards any future children she may have in the future and Because some one is having a drink and them being a parent is something wrong with it and they should just leave her alone and take there big nose out of her business and that is C.P.S. Down the road but Nicolas to protect yourself go and make a movie and do an interview and tell the world you like to party…Instead of some one painting your picture of your future.

  16. Sure Casonia, he’s crazy from the heat.

    That first photo appears in the dictionary beside the word “psycho”.

    @Mona, the outfit you describe would be overdressing for this woman.

  17. @Denise

    LOL!!!! I suspect you are correct about overdressing her! Looks like she is re-living her youth…..or at least the youth of a stripper. lol

  18. Back in the day we called what he’s doing in that bottom pic as, “FLYING ON ACID”!
    Boy, drugs have sure changed.

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