The way they were might become the way they are again. Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg are on the outs and she has been spotted a few times in the company of her exboyfriend, Entourage star Kevin Connolly. They’re keeping their renewed friendship under cover because they don’t know where it’s going – if anywhere- but according to an observer, they seem to be happy in each other’s company.



  1. Dang he appears to be very stoned.

    Guess that explains what they have in common.

  2. Nicky seems to be having a little trouble getting a man. One marriage that was annulled and gone thru several men bam bam bam. Maybe she should take some lessons from her sis, who MUST always have some kind of penis around her at all times.

  3. My argument about closeted gay guys is that they always step out with women who are not good matches for them. So, what is the deal with the Hilton sisters?

    Both are attractive, and they have money, and stand to inherit more, yet they are always out and about with guys who are greasy, sleazy, douche bags, midgets, or all of the above.

  4. Both Hilton sisters are complete wastes of space. Shame on their parents for never requiring anything of them. They are adults now who have never accomplished anything.

  5. Sebastian the Hilton girls are press magnets perfect for showmances and fauxmances ya know PR hook-ups.

  6. Mel, yeah, I know what you mean. But, they are going to wake up one day and realize that they have wasted years on this crap.

  7. This looks like a picture of a young mother and her teenaged son (who, as noted, is high as a kite)!

  8. Crimey, I hate to break precedent and say something mean. Oh well, what the heck…I think Nicky is basically unattractive and rather blah looking. And oh, wow, bad hair day?

  9. a guy who is smaller than his girl?
    …….THINK TWICE!!

    (remember tommy & katie holmes?)

  10. Indy, completely agree. Nicky was never that pretty and is not aging well. Whatever she has been thinking to this point, she should have snagged a real husband by now. It is all downhill from here.

  11. Did you ever think maybe neither of the Hilton sisters WANT to “snag” a man/husband? Paris seems quite happy bouncing from dick to dick, spreading her herpes to anyone who wants it, even internationally. My theory is that she’s going for a record or something, trying to see how many men she can rack up before they all cast her aside when she’s wrinkled and pruneskined from old age.
    Nicky, I can’t quite figure out tho. She doesn’t seem to be as much of a party girl as her fakely blonde sister. But BOTH of them have horrible taste in men from what I’ve seen in public pictures. I haven’t seen ONE yet that I’d date as a young woman with a ton of money.

  12. I think this is Nicky’s stance at trying to get David Katzenberg to “Put a Ring on It”. She does not want to be like Paris, she wants to marry, and soon!! Watch and see: Nicky & Katzenberg will be back together soon. Once they marry, she will have broken into the “Katzenberg Vault”. Kaachiing$$$

  13. Neither one of these girls is too bright. Even the dumbest men get tired of that after a while.

  14. Red Rooster, yeah. Neither of their parents is terribly bright. Whenever I have seen the mother or father being interviewed, I could swear I heard a hamster running in its wheel… Not Richard Gere’s hamster, of course.

  15. They have been crazy about each other for many years! I just hope that Kevin can keep it in his pants and not cheat on her with all the woman that seem to throw themselves at him (which I don’t get, but)!

  16. What a crock!
    All you have to do is follow David Katzenberg’s twitters to see that he is extremely attached to Nicky.

    Both Nicky and Paris tend to have longterm relationships, regardless of what some tabloids or gossip sites write.

    As for Kevin and Nicky,they may still be friends.
    But neither of the Hilton sisters ever takes a guy back once it’s over.

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