Ya gotta love Nick Cannon painted up to look like a white person. (Love the outfit!) It goes along with his new album White People Party Music, which we are dying to hear. Some people whine that it’s racist to do “white face” like Nick did but how can you not find it hilarious? Remember the Wayans brothers in White Chicks? It was a funny idea, but the script didn’t live up to expectations. Nick got some “racist” complaints about this picture. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all loosen up and imitate other races for fun and not be called “racist?”



  1. His hands and neck must have been photoshopped.

    He’s better looking Black.

    (here comes the racist commentors, so predictable.)

  2. Nick has every right to want to be white but imagine the times white’s have dressed in blackface and all the flak they got.

    This may start a new trend and Tiger Woods and the Jacksons are now making calls to try and get the work done.

    BLACKS want issues,they don’t want solutions (jesse Jackson 101).

  3. Is it then racists to call him a “wigger?” while in white face?

  4. Janet – didn’t you rake julianne hough over the coals for going black face??? You’re a hypocrite.

  5. Of course he wants to be white! Your recent posts are starting to worry me, Janet. Get help.

  6. OMG, if we did “blackface” the earth would explode…why is it blacks can do whatever the hell they want and we white crackers just have to sit there. Disgusting, wonder if Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton think this is ok?

  7. i wipe my ASS with what sharpton or jackson would “think”….

  8. This is how the Muslim black president got to be president and can dodge most criticism. Anything said against him the blacks will scream racism. Also, since he is a Muslim (his own admission on YouTube), a Muslim can not be special-searched before boarding planes, while little old white ladies in wheelchairs undergo a thorough search. Think about it (and check YouTube where BHO slips and calls Kenya his home country).

  9. Janet sure know what articles will bring out the trolls.

    I’m not saying some of these commenters are racist. But racism is ignorance. If you’re racist in your mind and your heart know that you are ignorant in the highest degree.

  10. White people on the whole (Irish excluded who were actually treated as poorly as Africans)were not captured, kidnapped, killed and ENSLAVED. Blackface (along with the KKK)emerged historically as AA became emancipated as a way to continue the degradation. THAT is the difference to all the ppl who just don’t get why it’s different. Years of torture, killing and economic exploitation. Look at the poverty and prison rates, it has just taken a different form. Do you get it now?

  11. Daggers: I 100% agree with you.

    Trudy: I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  12. Who is Nick Cannon? Is he famous in America? I have never heard of this street level dealer/pimp.

  13. Trudy is trying to role out the enablement and reparations cards. Unfortunately, the BLACKS that were brought here as slaves made it possible for their descendants to have an easy life compared to Africans.

    As Herman Caine says: Get off your ass and go to work.

  14. Trudy – a double standard is a double standard. So everyone gets a pass to be racists but whites??? White people cannot continue to bear the blame for things that happened 100s of years ago. I enslaved and tortured no one and will not be continue to be the bad guy.

  15. BLACKS want issues,they don’t want solutions (Jesse Jackson 101).

  16. Efron, I’m not black but even I know that crimes against blacks happen everyday in this country. White people gave native Americans drink eons ago, and guess what alcoholism is still their biggest killer. They tried to kill off blacks the same way, by giving them drink and even hiring scientists to develop crack. If you go to downtown LAs skid row area you will see our white governments handy work all over those streets. And don’t tell me police profiling doesn’t exist. Anyone whoe doesn’t see these things must only live in white/Asian communities and not deeply metropolitan areas where these types are obvious for all to see. Please educate yourselves. I wrote a paper about the effects of crack cocaine on society and some of the things I learned while researching… Let’s just say I never thought our govt would do things like that. But they clearly did.

  17. It is not someone’s fault if they succeeded, it is someone’s fault if they failed.

    Herman Cain

  18. Excellent quote storm, but let’s not pretend that black people In this country aren’t trapped in a perennial pinball machine with the government constantly throwing crack cocaine at them and putting police to constantly pull them over and establish a criminal record for them. Even the poor white toothless people we don’t see on tv don’t have it anywhere near as bad as black people.

  19. So the solution is blame all whites for the problems blacks have?? Enough with the blame. Be accountable and responsible. Not a perpetual victim.

  20. Who’s at the top of the government food chain – a black man. There goes the white government holding down the blacks argument. And such an overused argument it is.

  21. BLACKS want issues,they don’t want solutions (Jesse Jackson 101, Barack Obama 101).

  22. come down South and take a look…the blacks have it made in the shade…no work, plenty of money and drugs….

  23. quoting Herman Cain, using the exotic concept of reversed racism as if it actually exists. how did I know you people would make these flaccid arguments?

  24. Your ignorance is palpable.

    I wonder sometimes if ignorance is really bliss or if it is rather a very burdensome cross to bear.

    Whites wanted 100s of years of slave labor, now they need to really help the black learn how to fish, don’t just give them guppies.

  25. Ha ha what a joke,,,,did you ever own a slave or your parents or grandparents or their parents? NO. So you don’t know what whites wanted and most didn’t own slaves anyway.

    No one besides a Herman Cain will tell the BLACKS to quit whining and they won’t so long as Washington sends them money.

  26. Strom/ Janet, whoever you are, it was whites that brought slaves here and whites that enslaved them. It is whites who more often than not won’t give a black person a job. And don’t tell me that isn’t true, because I’ve worked at firms that employed hundreds of people and we had no black employees. Some would be able to get interviews based on white sounding names. It would be great to believe racism and institutional racism don’t exist but everyone knows that it does.

    This country is in full denial.

  27. Forget the black/white issues.

    The REAL problem in the U.S. is the millions and millions of illegal immigrants who are taking jobs, bankrupting the health care industry, smuggling in drugs, etc. I know a company employing 20 Americans and 10 illegal immigrants. The 20 Americans were told to learn Spanish. The illegals can do anything they want and don’t get fired.

  28. Muse, report them to ice, don’t just b’tch about it. If you’re so perturbed call ice. You have internet access, I’m sure you can find the number.

  29. Actually it was the BLACK Africans who trapped and sold slaves.

    Maybe like the BLACK hookers who are renting themselves out downtown. But that is supposed to be ok.

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