It had to happen. In January a documentary is set to be released called “My Fifteen Days with Kanye.” A former security guard of Kanye and Kim is talking about the time he spent with them, and it sounds quite entertaining. The 15 days include time spent at NY Fashion Week, The Met Gala, and the Waldorf Astoria. Steve Stanulis, (top photo) a nice looking guy who previously worked for 8 years as an NYPD cop by day and a Chippendales dancer at night, was hired by Kanye as a security guard in May, 2020. He says he witnessed “strange behavior” such as Kanye having a tantrum when someone wore a print shirt near him, yelling “prints are distracting to me artistically!” He got the shirt guy fired. Steve says he never saw any affection between Kim and Kanye. After two weeks and many observations, Steve was fired when Kanye accused him of flirting with Kim. Tune in January 19 for more of Kanye’s “strange behavior.”

Kanye Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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  1. A person would be suicidal after spending that amount of time with west

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