We didn’t take Omarosa seriously when the reality star announced two years ago that she was enrolling in seminary school and becoming a minister. Her first reality TV appearance was on Donald Trump’sThe Apprentice” and she gained so much notoriety that a few years later she appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice.” At that time she was voted “most hated reality star,” and as a result, she went on to appear on over 20 reality shows! In 2009 the 37 year old did indeed enroll in seminary school and earned her preacher’s license. She is now an assistant pastor at the Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. (As far as we know, she is still dating actor Michael Clarke Duncan.) Surely, she has to be one of the few pastors with implants.



  1. Loved it when she rattled Piers Morgan’s cage, plus she dressed beautifully on her last Celebrity Apprentice appearance.

  2. I was going to mention that too Janet, but you beat me to it…just wondering how many “ministers” have gone out and bought themselves giant fake titties? She is one of the vilest people I have ever seen on TV and I wondered why Trump didn’t immediately toss her ass as far as his money could throw it after she tried that raciasl bullshit and lied about her co-star calling her a “nigger”. With cameras rolling at all times and all the other contestants around them there is no way a comment like that could have been made and no one else heard it, let alone her giant nasty mouth would have screamed bloody murder at the very moment it supposedly happened. She didn’t. She waited until Trump was around then pulled that nasty old card right out of the deck.
    She also lied and said she had a concussion when a small piece of drywall hit her in the head. It was caught on camera, in slow mo even, and the lying bitch still continued the lie and acted like she was going to sue. I’m pretty sure she got some bucks out of Trump for that. The stupid bitch should have had a hard hat on to begin with in a construction area. Some big brain SHE has! She reminds me of a big black horse with her giant teeth and flaring nostrils. If only she would shut the fuck UP and go away PERMANENTLY!

  3. donald (duck) takes practise with his mouth to look like an ANUS?

  4. I hope she is dressing more demurely now that she’s all religious and stuff LOL

  5. Reta and Omarosa must be related. Somehow. That crazy, scary bitch gene thing you know.

  6. Patrick, get off my ass and think of something more creative to say. Dickwad.

  7. BLACKS have used the ministry for years to seek fame, money, sex, and drugs! This woman is just following in the footsteps of Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, and the fag BLACK preacher in Atlanta. Whites have done it too but being a preacher is and continues to be a very respected position in the BLACK community. Hopefully she will change but likely the fake tits and trash mouth will carry on!

  8. It’s near impossible, if not totally impossible, to flunk out of seminary, no matter what your grades. She will amass a huge following at this church because of her tits and her notoriety. In fact she will, as the associate, probably get more gigs and money out of this as the main preacher. She is crafty if nothing else.

  9. And will her church be called the Saline Chapel? I also wished a larger chunk of plaster fell on her head. I was also really put off by Oprah having her seated on the stage to talk about being called the n-word, when the accused person (can’t remember her name) sat in the audience which to me, put her at a huge disadvantage. It also gave the appearance that Oprah believed Omarosa without looking further into it.

  10. I forgot about her racial spews on Apprentice and the drywall thing. I knew there were real reasons I could not stand her. I can’t believe her 15 minutes still have a breath of life in it.
    Bitch could have had the world at her feet if not for her personality.
    Let’s not mention her again, Janet. She doesn’t deserve the press.

  11. Denise, yes I remember that incident on Oprah as well. it struck me funny too that the big liar was put up there to spew her shit like it was gospel. I was waiting for Oprah to pull out the video to proove what a colossal fucking liar racist she was by pulling that ugly stunt when the whole women’s team was always around and the filming was always going on, and behind the scenes people were always there. That the white girl could have actually SAID that and been heard ONLY by that huge fake titted cow could NOT have happened. I was VERY dissappointed in Oprah and her show for not tearing that bitch a HUGE new one for using that old standard “she called me a N-word.”
    The other woman was as appalled and shocked and hurt as I would have been if someone accused me of that. It’s a hideous word, and that that bitch had it in HER mouth so easily proved who the REAL racist was.
    There is NO ministery in the WORLD that can erase the natural born-in ugliness that woman has in her. She has shown it all the way along on The Apprentise and again when Trump unwisely brought her sorry ass back. She acted the fool thru both shows as well as the other shows she finagled to get on. Her personality was consistantly ugly, nasty, mean-spirited, and denigrating to others. She made no friends or allies on any show.
    I hope her silicone leaks into her conceited bloodstream and poisons her whole body irreversibly. This one time I see Indy’s point and this woman is the true embodiment of evil. Hopefully she’ll get what she deserves.
    Oh yeah, by the way, remember when she first came on The Apprentice, and she glowingly spewed about her loving husband and how much he worshiped her? Well, she DUMPED him as soon as she thought she had a chance at “Hollywood” and “Celebrity.” Nice Christian, huh?!

  12. If Omarosa is now a minister, it will be up to her to seek forgiveness from a Higher Power for those that she has wronged in the past. I will Not find a reason to challenge someone who claim that they are a minister. I hope that there will be no stealing in the name of the Lord. In recent memory Omarosa has kept a rather low profile, and if it means that she has learned to calm down and chill out and have the true intentions of helping to heal other lost souls than I will remind others that a true preacher will admit that he/she has been Not always been perfect. Omarosa is one of the more better known examples of someone that we all know who ran amuck and was truly someone that you kept out of her way to maintain your sanity. If entering the ministry has caused her to take a second look at the emotional injuries that she cause others,well maybe she has reached her calling after all. With Omarosa’s known wildcat behavior,she will Not be able to be that sly fox from The Apprentice. As assistant minister of the church, she will have to walk a chart line or be shown the door quick,fast and in a hurry. Only time will tell. Because of her past behavior, she will be watched like a hawk watching a d@mn chicken. If her intentions are filled with the sincerity and good grace, then I will wish her the best in worshiping with her congregation,and Making a Joyful Noise.PEACE!

  13. Note to Janet: Mention that she also has a Ph.D. and teaches at Howard University. The woman aint no dummy.

  14. Note to Sally: She got the degrees only due to Affirmative Action quotas. She is very much a dummy and more qualified candidates were left out of the selection because they were white.

  15. Mel: She thinks so, too. And her tit surgeon would also like to thank you.

  16. DIdnt she get the tits done with some money from the show….doubtful they are natural!

  17. Her tits are NOT natural. When she was on the Apprentise the first time, she was fairly flat chested, By the time she came back again to make us all sick, her tits were huge, (Donald even brought it up in the board room when they were popping out of her dress), AND she had ditched her “loving husband who spoiled her rotten”.
    Also, that she chose to needle Piers by making nasty remarks about his children to his face in order to try to bait him into a confrontation, was beyond the pale. I find it hard to believe, after everything I’ve seen this “female” do on TV, that she has a shred of belief in God in her. I think it’s just another scam of some sort. I can still see the pinwheels of dollar signs in her greedy bitchy eyes.

  18. Sugar or Spice, Omarosa made a name for herself
    and is still being courted by the media. It has been a few years since the first season of The Apprentice and Omarosa is still one of the most recognized of the former candidates and she is still known by one name. She is flawed like everybody else, only her flaws are more publicized. Other than Bill Rancic, Joan Rivers, and Piers Morgan, Omarosa is the only apprentice candidate who did Not win to be invited back for another round on Trump’s show. Omarosa did Not slide into becoming an assistant pastor,there are serious rules that have to be followed to reach that position. I’d rather know that a person is a former hell raiser,and is trying the road to forgiveness and redemption than to keep harboring memories of their past reputation. PEACE!!

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