Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Now YOU can look like Mischa Barton. Mischa (The O.C.) has launched a new shopping website called Mischa’s Place where you can buy her “Bohemian style“ clothing, handbags, accessories, and beauty products that she created along with her mother Nuala. She had a number of successful fashion endorsements in Europe and Keds in the US, before introducing her own collections. Now 26, she describes herself as an “actress and designer.”



  1. Surprisingly enough, Mischa looks really good! Hopefully she’s got her head on straight now, and has finally cleaned up her act.

    Very pretty girl!

  2. Good for her. I don’t get the reason why she always seems to be made fun of. Almost to the point of bullying. There are some sites that are brutal when it comes to Micha…Just because she went with that guy with the droopy ball? Can’t remember his name but those balls were real bean bags!

  3. Ar least she realizes her acting career wasn’t going to be what she hoped and found a new way to earn money. The problem with her website though – how can you sell clothing if you only show pictures of sketches on cartoon-like characters?

  4. Well hope the beer doesn’t lead her back to her previous bad habits.

  5. her brains & so the clothes are totally FUCKED UP!!

  6. Unfortunately, this particular photo looks like an ad for one of those “private clinics”.

    Cute dress she has on though.

  7. My wife really liked her website.

    Here’s what I don’t get about Mischa Barton. When she has a photo shoot, she photographs well and looks beautiful. I’m not talking photoshopped. Plus, there are times when she takes extra pains to look nice and the paparazzi will take a photo of her looking fabulous. THEN……more than half the time the tabloids are posting pics of her looking too common and unkempt.

    There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground with her. It is either beautiful or plain. Is this deliberate?

  8. Denise, LOL! (loved the clinic comment).

    I don’t like her dress. To me, it looks like an oversized winter sweater or sweater vest that she cut up and stretched over her shiny white knees.

  9. I think you’re right Walt. Upon second look, she seems to be wearing shorts underneath. It’s still a cute sweater/vest.

    I checked out the website too. The home page looks a little like a dressing room at “Free People” which I’m all too familiar with as my daughter loves their clothes. The clothes look cute.

    @Laurel, I see what you mean, but if you click on the photos underneath the paper dolls, it shows the actual garment.

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