Little did Mischa Barton suspect, as she walked to the set of her series “The Beautiful Life” to get her hair and makeup done, that this would be one of the last times she’d be reporting for work. After the show drew a dismal audience of a million viewers on Wednesday, the CW decided to cut their losses and cancelled the show. (We found it corny and so predictable is was embarrassing.) So far there are no plans to air remaining completed episodes. Too bad- we have a feeling Mischa really needed this job.


  1. Well, she looks real glamorous with that cig hanging outa her mouth and those giant legs showing in this pic. No WONDER no one watched, she has a reputattion of being a lush and or druggie, so who gives a shit about contributing to her stupid show?

  2. the woman to the right is laughing at what M is wearing.

    talk about dippy looking, nothing matches and none of the clothing does her any favours. She certainly should not be showing those legs off!

    and as for the smoking – stupid girl

  3. She is spiraling downhill, and fast. She is truly screwed up in the head. Someone needs to dress her, preferably in a white strait-jacket in a mental ward until she gets off drugs and cigs, partying, and whatever else is plaguing her.

  4. Delilah…i agree with you. She certainly didn’t stay in hospital for long enough. She really needs to get her life together.

    It is sad what has happened to her. But it just goes to show that with some famous people; they can’t handle it when the spotlight starts to fade from them.

  5. Mashy girl (paArty-girl)

    She looks like a trailer-trash girl.

    E-tuna Rockar Fett, peace out…

  6. I tivoed this to laugh at it, but ended up actually watching it. Mischa was hardly in it; and Sara Paxton had a prominent storyline. The two times I have seen Paxton in something, I thought she was really good; and I really enjoyed the show and the storylines they were setting up. Sigh. If I like it, it gets canceled.

  7. Casonia Logenberry..Kitchen Nightmare Client take advantage of Chef Gordon Good Deads and are full of Fraud and at times! I think he should just walk off and leave them to take care themselves,.Because they are taking advantage of his good deeds. says:

    That sucks to be out of work at a drop of the hat and it is best that she saved money and find another job soon and you never know when something is not going to work? But all in all it is better to be apart of something and to have that part be with you for life and a job is a job and she is still young and Beautiful and can find another job soon.

  8. Sometimes people don’t fit into a mold and some times as you work with some one they have a tendancy to not catch on fast enought and they can’t pour there passion and Drama into the role and make the actor come alive and feel the feelings of the person that has the issues and pains and pressure and some people are bland and not fit for a part and rejection is something we face sooner or later and that means something can start off good..Can end badly and that is why you always have a back up plan and always some one in the corner willing to do what ever you want and in life if you don’t some one else will do!

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