Before they left New York together, Brad Pitt spent some quality time with his oldest son and took Maddox to Times Square for a special treat – to play video games. Maddox looked really happy and they both got a huge kick out of the racing car game. Nice father and son memories.

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  1. He has the most adventurous, well-travelled exciting life of anyone on the planet, not to mention $$$$$$$. Now if he could just get skinny Angelina to bow down to him….instead it’s been reported that just the opposite is happening.

  2. His lifestyle of the rich and famous is the envy of millions. One problem-o: He is a buddhist, and that is a false religion, that leads to eternal damnation. I have also heard that he and Angie are at odds over adopting another kid from Africa. She wants to and he doesn’t. It’s reported in all the major mags. Plus, Ang is really skinny now from worrying about him staying with her (many pics are out there). So, advice to Brad, live it up now, things will be heating up very soon.

  3. Janet…you sure have an overabundance of religious zealots on your site, I wonder what causes that? Doesn’t seem to ring true on other sites, TMZ for example. You’ve got the doom & gloom crowd spewing the apocolypse at every opportunity on here!

  4. Brad is a happy lovedup man with Angelina and their six kids. He has not stayed away from Angelina more than 3 days in the 5 years they have now been together, usually he will fly in and do his job and then fly home, just like here he flew into NYC on Wednesday and then home to France on Friday with Maddox. Only a few trash tabloids say they are having any problems,and anyone who believes those lies is an idiot.

  5. His one true love (soulmate, so he said) weights 100 pounds at 5 foot 8, about 30 pounds too little. He’s getting tired of begging her to eat, he’s getting tired of her flying to 3rd world countries and risking diseases, he’s getting tired of her jealousy of Jennifer, he’s getting tired of screaming kids, he’s getting tired of her demands. Wait and see.

  6. PS: I think he is in a pickle, and wants all the romance without all the heartache of a strong determined woman telling him what to do. And, make no mistake about it, she does not back down. She’s already picked out a 3 year old girl to adopt. And lover-boy has already said he doesnot want anymore.

  7. Brad told Charlie Rose on live tv that he wants between 7-9 kids total, his exact words. He is totally on board with Angelina wanting more kids. Angelina is no thinner now than she has been for years. Brad does not leave her side for more than a few days now for like 5 years, when before he left JenA for months at a time. If anything JenA is jealous of Angelina as she has to see how much Brad loves Angelina. But I think truth is JenA has long since moved on, after all she said Brad was not the love of her life. Some people just want drama where there is none.

  8. Oh 7:35 and 8:11, what does Jen have that Angelina would be jealous of? Angelina has Brad, has his kids, has as much money as Jen, and she is #1 celeb more than Oprah in power. If anything Jen is jealous of Angelina. Jen’s last 2 films are flops, the tabloids and blogs make fun of her, and 2 guys her PR has tried to link her to this year, both BradleyC and GerryB, have both repudiated her and said no way. Just the plain truth.

  9. That hideous growth of hair on his face is NOT becoming, in fact it is hideous. Maybe it’s to keep from having to kiss skeletor Angie.

    BTW, I agree with L’il off Broadway: A woman scorned such as Brad leaving Jenn for Angie wants to ‘settle the score’ sooner or later. It’s just human nature and the law of the jungle for females.

  10. I heard out of her own mouth Jennifer (on Oprah) say that she would always always love Brad.

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