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We love this “Sex & the City” movie photo of Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda, and her little boy Brady. He’s grown up a lot since the TV series ended and he’s a dead ringer for his mom. Where did they FIND such a perfect match?

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  1. I think he actually looks like a perfect blend of Miranda and Steve. Look at that little face.

  2. Wow! As much as he looks like ”mom”, he is a double for the guy that plays ”dad!”
    The same eyes & grin.
    Could it be his child in real life ? Or a family member…

  3. actually he looks exactly like the baby they used in the last seasons I wonder f it’s the same kid

  4. omg it does look like both “parents” I hate to say this but our of sjp and kristin davis, miranda looks the less “aged” kim catrall will always be the hottest though and the best preserved. yummy and I’m a straight female. if I could look like her.

  5. Cynthia Nixon said she is a natural blond. Her hair was dyed red for the SITC series.

  6. idiots! you DO know that “Miranda” is a character on a tv, show, right???? this is NOT her child (or “steve’s”). get a life!

  7. You know that steve character… Didn’t he die ?
    I use to work with a guy that looked just like him, but without the glasses.

  8. Funny thing is the guy was from NYC and had that yankee accent. lol.
    Heck, it could have been his brother, easily – same hair cut as well.
    Wonder if, they ever went into detail about that guy life ?
    Imagine a “Sex & the City” sequel movie !!

  9. What I want to know is this: The boy’s first name is Brady, Miranda married Steve Brady, so is her son going to be called Brady Brady?? WTF?

  10. I thinkn she gave Brady her last name which I thinks is Hobbs. So his name is Brady Hobbs.

  11. I thinkn she gave Brady her last name which I thinks is Hobbs. So his name is Brady Hobbs.

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