Every time we see a photo of the Sex & The City girls filming in New York, we get excited thinking about the revival series And Just Like That. This reboot would NOT have happened 20 years ago, because the main characters are now in their 50’s! Viewers have grown up watching these beloved women and we are eager to see how they are living their lives as mature women. How will Samantha’s absence be written into the script? Two new girlfriends of color will be a welcome and realistic addition to the cast. We hear that Carrie is now divorced from Mr Big – will she take up with Aiden (John Corbett’s character) again? Carrie’s funny gay friends are returning, and we wonder if Charlotte and Miranda are still happy with their guys Harry and Steve. Most important: we hope the brilliant writers from the original series are on board!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA – Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and Sarah Jessica Parker


  1. The first movie was passable given the high anticipation. The second movie was awful. I have no interest in this one and am surprised it is getting made. The on/off Carrie-Big relationship was tiresome. And surprise, they are now divorced? Since Chris North is in the movie, their relationship must continue to be on/off. I thought Miranda and Steve had the most interesting relationship given their wildly different career goals. Charlotte was on the boring side.

  2. Miz- this is a ten episode HBO Max series reboot, not another movie

  3. Brilliant writers?! Hah. The writers were all gay men and they wrote the female characters as if they were gay men. It would be more realistic to caste Rupert Everett as Carrie.

  4. Sarah’s long hair hanging around her face is not a good look.

  5. The long hair is not a good look on any woman over a certain age

  6. Their wardrobe looks like the 1950’s! HBO will have a big flop on their hands.

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