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Michelle Rodriguez visited a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills yesterday. Her excellent turn as the savvy helicopter pilot in Avatar will type cast her in a good way as a resilient, tomboyish take-charge kind of female with a good heart. She can make a good living and have a long career playing those roles, and she won’t have to constantly worry about looking perfect.


  1. I remember her as the stupid ass that got a drunk driving charge when she was on LOST. She is one of the dykiest females ever, not that I give a shit if she’s gay, but I just don’t find her the least bit feminine and it’s very oft-putting. She’s more manly than most men on these shows! Not a fan of hers OR drunk drivers!

  2. There something about her that I can’t put my fingers on, that’s it I can’t put my fingers on.

  3. Janet C really has a thing for promoting the dykes! Ellen and all the gals with their faces in a bush are her hero’s. Hillary Clinton for certain.

  4. Love MR, Jersey City girl! She is the unphoniest person in LA, the fact that she is making it on talent alone is great. I think she is cute too, she doesnt need that fake plastic shit.

  5. Michelle looks comfortable,and check out the
    way the guys in the background are checking her out.Guys do not be checking you out 1/2
    block away unless,they like what they are looking at.You Go Girl!!!

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