Courageous Michelle Obama has done something no first lady has ever done before – she actually wore a second hand dress to a major event in Washington! She wore a 1950’s cocktail dress designed by American designer Norman Norell to a Christmas in Washington concert. It’s believed to have come from the shop New York Vintage. Vintage designer fashion has been quietly growing in popularity because celebrities want something different and these glamorous fashions are beautifully made and one of a kind. How delightful to have such a hip and imaginative first lady. This will be the talk of the fashion world.

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  1. Brava!

    The choice of dress is a great message — not necessarily about austerity, but about sensible nationalism. The dress is from a time when America produced all sorts of goods, from basic supplies to high end fashion, furniture, and arts & crafts.

    Considering the world is in an economic slump because first world nations turned their backs on actually making things in favor of manipulating markets, the subtle message is much needed.

  2. I love our First Lady and her sense of fashion is usually spot on but for me this dress doesn’t flatter her at all. The flair of the skirt, which obviously reflects the style of the 50s, makes her broader than she already is. Hopefully Barack gave her something sexy for Christmas.

  3. I think it would suck not being able to wear the same piece twice and being constrained to ‘designer’ items. I have favourite pieces of clothing that I have worn for years. Although I am most definately not in the public eye/fashion industy… thankfully.

    I do like the dress she is wearing, very nice. I think the earrings would be a killer on the ears, bet she couldn’t wait to get them off.

  4. Yep, a much better example for black women than Little Kim and Beyonce and RiRi who all have the whore walk down pat.

  5. It was on National TV twice RE the price: It was $2,500. Sorry, but I think this is a wee bit high, plus the length is not flaattering to the legs or to a tall big boned woman. C’mon, if this was an unknown woman, we would say yuck-o, or at the very least we would not gush over it. Sheeple (sheep + people) are everywhere, they’re everywhere. (and are there no comments about mama’s dress?)

  6. Very nice!! This dress definately stood the test of time. Gorgeous. Mrs Obama has some serious style.

  7. She is fabulous. If the length were shorter, she would look like a cow. She is elegant yet always edgy, unafraid to break our old-world rules. The perfect first lady for this era.

  8. Indy, really? It is a beautiful dress. And the price tag is not outrageous, not compared to the cost of what other First Ladies might have worn. You cannot ask the First Lady to go to an event wearing something from Target.

    And, btw, Michelle is no Jackie-Kennedy-like stick figure, but you could not exactly call her big-boned. While she is tall, and has an athletic build, her hands, wrists and ankles are fine. She certainly does not have cankles.

  9. As far as the price of her clothes, I would guess that a lot of her dresses, once worn, get auctioned or WILL get auctioned for charity. Guess I was in the minority this time about what looks good on her. Even Strom, though his comment was laced with racism once again, was sort of complimentary.

  10. it’s great that she is creative and wears the not so famed designer gear! lookin’ good.

  11. I think it is an inspired choice and she looks gorgeous. If I were her I would keep it. She won’t find a dress like that again, and it would be a wonderful gift to her daughters one day.

  12. Is “Christmas” part of the Obama’s vernacular? Just wondering, since they are Muslims?

  13. Patrick, seriously? Best you can come up with?

    Have you, Strom and Wim arranged your Xmas BJ daisy chain yet?

  14. Behind every great man,there is a woman. Even
    though today’s spotlight is on Michelle,her Mom
    continues to be a positive note in The First Lady’s life. Good to see this rare picture of Mrs. Robinson sharing a special event with her daughter who remains very close to each other.
    Both women look well dressed and confident while enjoying the time with these young elves.

  15. Patrick is correct; they are Muslims. He was born in Mombasa,Kenya. 19 separate individuals/lawyers are working on it, and the truth will come out soon.

  16. My great aunt used to dip snuff; she said it looks like Michelle’s lower lip is stuffed with snuff; (Aunt Lena’s words)

  17. 1.) I love the dress and $2,500 is not too much for a vintage original design; 2.) her mother looks fabulous as well; 3.) that little elf on the left is adorable; 4.) Obama is not a Muslim and was born in this country. How anyone can still believe that the person who occupies the most vetted position in the world was not born in this country must be completely brainless.

  18. I think Barack Obama was not qualified for the office, but he won the vote so he is out President and I wish him the best of luck for his single term. I have no idea about the Muslim stories and dont care if he is a Muslim but wonder why he hasn’t come forward in a complete and final way to disprove all the allegations.

    I am happy the country elected a black President because this should stop the enablers from saying it is rigged against them and in the future opponents go after unqualified black candidates with the same ferocity as they go after unqualified whites, without mention of race.

  19. I don’t care for some of her fashion choices, but this is a good one

  20. I’m not a big Michelle Obama fan and usually see pictures of her wearing the most hidious clothes… But this vintage dress is a great dress. She looks very classic and timeless. I love it. It would have been perfect without the pedicoat though..

    They probably celebrate Eid and Christmas. I know many Muslim families who celebrate both.

  21. Just google…Barack Obama – muslim. No dot com is needed, and decide.

  22. She looks great! – I thought her mother was only living w/them while the children went through the transition of moving in the White House/and new school. I don’t think it’s right to still be spending tax money for her mother to live w/them and travel over the world. I voted for O but hate supporting her parent.

  23. They are not Muslims. They are not radial Muslims either…sheesh turn off the Fox News already!

  24. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution states a U.S. President must be U.S. born. When the truth comes out, liberal DEMONcrats will do everything they can to keep it quiet.

  25. Indy-The real irony here is that McCain was not born in the United States. He was born in Panama on a military base, a year BEFORE the law was passed granting naturalized citizenship to children born on US military bases, but it was not retroactive. So while McCain was not eligible for the presidency, Obama, born in Hawaii four years after it became a state, was.

    Leave it to the GOP to get it backwards.

    That dress is gorgeous on the First Lady. She should wear square necklines more often. I’m guessing they will be the it thing soon.

  26. There is a misunderstanding for anyone to think that we are taking care of Obama’s mother-in-law Mrs. Robinson. The President of the U.S.
    earns $400,000.00 a year. The First Lady does not receive a salary,neither do The First Mother-in Law. Mrs. Robinson has her own income,which means that we are Not taking care of her,no more than the American public have financially taken care of any of the other First Ladies and children.

  27. I knew all the info about McCain and his birth. BTW, McCain was worthless, too.

    Many think B.O. was born in Kenya, not just yours truly. Even the high official in kenya claimed he was there when Hussein popped out.

    Mrs. Hussein’s trip to Spain cost about $500,000, taxpayers paid most of it, not to mention many other trips; it’s documented they have taken more trips than any other pres. in US history. (This is just a lone voice crying in the wilderness, and since all on here are liberals, I should save my breath).

  28. Janet’s first word was ‘courageous’. Whew, I almost fainted; on first glance it looked like ‘gorgeous’.

  29. Indy, I don’t know that you can assume that everyone commenting here is a Liberal. However, regardless, you are in rabid pathetic character-assassination territory.

    To arch conservatives, the Obama’s can do nothing right. I suppose that a sitting President — Republican or Democrat — can never do anything right as far as his enemies are concerned. Thing is that Obama is the first President in a very long time to have to deal with such a massive crisis as the economic situation. And on top of this he is dealing with 21st century guerrilla gossip smear campaigns.

    It behooves conservatives like yourself to support your president and the country for the time being, stop the petty sniping, and then cast your vote to help get him out of office in the next election. The pettiness and unpatriotic behavior of conservatives like you are making your country look pathetic and ridiculous, and — frankly — it does not need that sort of help right now.

  30. Leo said: Behind every great man,there is a woman

    omg….people really say things like this still???

    Sabastian….great posts…

    …carry on

  31. The worst thing he is doing now is trying to get us to shut down our nuclear facilities and also close military bases. Once a country has very little defense, that is a very dangerous thing. This is because Russia, Iran and others declared they would also shut theirs down, which is a lie.

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