We found it very strange that Michael Jackson’s kids were invited to have their hand and footprints immortalized in cement at a ceremony outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. This is the first time we’ve heard of RELATIVES substituting for a deceased star. Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9, seemed quite happy to do it, but it doesn’t seem right. First of all, Michael was a singer – not a movie star – and a star on Hollywood Blvd seems more appropriate. Also, how weird would it be if Paul Newman or John Wayne’s CHILDREN left their prints instead of the stars themselves?


  1. Thought they would have run out of open cement long before now; do they just jack hammer out the old prints to make way for the new?

  2. Its ridiculous. This famous for being famous syndrome is really going too far.

  3. he looks pretty much like his dad.
    hahahahahahahahaha, specially his nose.

  4. Chicagoland, I think they keep a lot of them stored in their basement. They did run out of room in front of the theatre a long time ago. I doubt if these will be displayed. Just another cheap publicity ploy. The Jacksons are milking Michael to the bitter end. I’m so tired of turning on the news everyday and seeing another Michael tribute of some kind. Why don’t some of them actually write and perform some good music? Then they’ll be newsworthy; until then, I wish they’d shut it.

  5. I get a bad feeling about those kids especially Paris…this is no gonna end well. They do NOT need to be in showbiz!

  6. BLACK pervert Michael needs to be exumed and then castrated for all the damage he did to young kids!

  7. Maybe Michael had his reason in covering their faces. The media followed him to take pics of his kids. I hope the girl well.

  8. I wish they wold go to Europe and get a good lawyer to insure their inheritance is safe….go to good schools and come out as class acts and live their life quietly and far away from the BLACK Jacksons who are ashamed of their blackness and will loot the fortune just as MLK’s kids have done.

  9. I am glad to see that they loved their father and wanted to honor him. Unfortunately, it appears (at least to me) that they are showing up far too often to these special manufactured events.

    Are these children’s love for their father being exploited for the potential to make a dollar? I can’t help but think so. Here is a good example.

    I know it sounds awful but at this rate, I suspect that one of the kids will release a song and have a some kind of digital duet with their late father. That’s when I will shit my pants and swear off celebrity gossip. lol

  10. Is Debbie Rowe the biological mom or a surrogate mom? Does anyone really know?

    If they are her biological children, I can’t help but wonder what her mom and dad (siblings and/or cousins) think of Debbie Rowe not being active in their lives due to agreed upon contracts. If they were my grandkids, I would be heartbroken not to be able to see them and interact with them.

  11. Well, they ARE REALLY RICH…so why not? I mean that’s what makes celebrities these days, right? They are almost ALL RICH KIDS whose parents have worked hard to make them that way. Gaga, Paris and Nicole and the Kardashian kids for example. Their parents are all rich so the kids could become famous by paying producers and record companies off. The Jackson kids will now become exploited by the Jackson family just like how Michael was exploited by them. Sad,sad,sad world

  12. The rest of the Jacksons except maybe Janet seem to have been mooching off Michael’s fame for decades now, apparently nothing is going to change. Grandma Jackson is what, 81 now? She probably won’t be around to finish raising these kids. I agree with those who said they will be “in the business” instead of doing something on their own.

  13. The body wasn’t even cold when the family started milking the guy’s memory with endless tributes and cahsing in. Just Tacky.

  14. Next, Suri Cruise will be putting her hand and foot prints – enough talking about Michael and his adopted kids.

  15. The most exploited Man ever in History. Sickening. No wonder he was so sad.

  16. Those kids all look alike so it was Michael’s sperm, and whose/who’s egg? That’s for spellczech.

  17. Janet, we agree on something, I thought having the kids leave their prints was really lame.

    Something about the girl is ver creepy to me. She comes off like a major attention whore more and more everyday!

    These kids need to go back to wearing their masks again, I’m sick of seeing them, it’s pathetic.

  18. these kids are special!
    against all sheudenfreude and conventional foolishness:
    they are clearly biological jacksons!
    the boys favor michael to an eerie degree, and paris looks as much like latoya as she does her mother debbie.
    like the sons of diana ross, the new jacksons radiate incredible charisma – without saying a word!
    deal with it, haters!
    hopefully they will be able to capitalize on their specialness as they gracefully fulfill their inevitable Destiny.
    these kids are magical & precious.
    i hope that for now, the boys remain silent and let princess paris
    do the do.
    with janet, rebbie & the incomparable la toya as her guides,
    paris jackson can do no wrong.
    she is an athlete as well as a performer.
    i recommend she work with nicole richie, queen latifah and steven spielberg.
    paris can do a modern take of “on golden pond”, with bill cosby and cloris leachman.
    she will at the very least fulfill the shattered potential of paris hilton, mischa barton and lindsay lohan…
    with luck and talent, she may be the new lisa bonet/raven symone.
    why shouldn’t she act with a hologram of her daddy??
    there will be dolls modeled after her.
    haters, fall back!
    you have no power here!
    make way for paris jackson!

  19. They are beautiful children and I do wish them well.

    I agree that the brothers seem set on exploiting Michael’s memory.

    LOL at princessjohnson, “the incomparable LaToya”!

  20. There is, without question, something insidious about this ceremony…

  21. Sadly, this is these children’s future, until they say enough is enough! Katherine and the children are just trying to keep Michael’s memory alive while the leeches are trying to keep the money train rollin’

    I am wondering who arranged it all? Germaine? Michael would definately be against this kind of thing but they are his living legacy.

  22. Such a sad commentary of how standards have deteriorated. What’s the point?

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