Melissa McCarthy ALMOST had our instant admiration when she declared in a Redbook interview that when she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2012 that she contacted five or six top designers to make her a red carpet gown, and they all turned her down. We say she ALMOST had our admiration because she refused to NAME the snobbish designers who gave her the brush-off! This is something we’d like to know and Melissa seems like a bold enough woman to name names. But she didn’t. Why is she protecting these designers who didn’t give a damn about HER?

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  1. I love her and at the same time she disgusts me. I guess I’m torn.

  2. @Gloria vassy – if she had class, shed lost some weight

  3. Wow. You haters must be in perfect health making your own millions.

  4. Also I remember Melissa buying her dress through the store featured on Bravo’s Dukes’ of Melrose. She snatched a vintage number and the garment had to be alter at the 11th hour. Finding a seamstress under those conditions during Oscar week proved to be a nightmare apparently?

    The frock was beautiful on Melissa BTW.

  5. Don’t burn bridges. She can name the designers later in life in her memoir (when she doesn’t need red carpet frocks).

  6. I recently visited a hospital (yesterday!). It was shocking to see all the obese people walking around both as patients and as visitors or personnel. I would say a good three quarters of those I saw were. This is a serious epidemic and we are literally avoiding the elephants in the room. So, while Melissa is talented, like Tony Soprano, she may not be with us for long or in good health as she ages.

  7. Why name them, it’s ALL of them. They don’t design for women above what, size 2? Or is it size zero? Even though the average size of a woman in America is size fourteen.

  8. @lippp – I saw the same thing at my local hospital just a few days ago! While waiting for my sister during her surgery, I witnessed a 500+ pound woman using a walker accompanied by a physical therapist.

    I overheard their conversation; the PT was explaining what to do when the heavy woman was at home. Later I saw the heavy patient sitting in a very large electric wheelchair accompanied by the PT.

    I also saw another extremely large female patient in the halls for her exercise with her PT.

  9. Fat is ugly
    Fat is not healthy
    Fat is not good
    I am glad I am not fat
    Rail on me if you wish
    But the real truth is
    Fat is not pretty.

    Just get your fat ass away from the table and quit gorging. If she told the truth, she hates being fat.

  10. Go anywhere in Europe and try to find a fat person. You can’t.

  11. If the designers wouldn’t make a dress for her, how would naming them be burning bridges when there wasn’t a bridge to begin with.

  12. Well, in the case of Adele, Lagerfeld ended up giving her several Chanel purses for calling Adele too fat for his designs.
    Melissa may some day slim down, and need a fabulous dress and designer. And, she did display class in not naming names.

  13. She always looks like a unmade bed in a bordello

  14. I’m inclined to agree with some people here: it’s just a matter of time before she and Gabby Sidibe, for example have their doctor’s tell them they’re in serious danger. They do something drastic and/or get a contract with a weight loss company.

    If 3500 calories equals one pound, of weight loss or gain, then these obese folks spend A LOT of time each day consuming A LOT of food.

    Not happy people.

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