No, it’s NOT a shock that Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas split up, but we do feel badly for Melanie, who tried desperately to hold her marriage together. At the end she had no choice but to file for divorce. We’ve heard stories about Antonio cheating when he was away on location filming. We had the feeling that Melanie did NOT want to know about his flings. She ignored the rumors. We have to point out here that as problematic as some of Melanie’s behavior can be, she IS a nice person and really well-liked in the industry. Her trips to rehab and chain smoking didn’t help the marriage. Nor did her plastic surgery – the inflated lips really bothered Antonio. Stella, the child they had together, turns 18 this year so hopefully the divorce will be civilized. But we do feel sad for Melanie. (Above, the couple in March)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. what I was surprised about that SHE filed, I figured HE would file when it was finally done. After all her problems, it is no surprised he is cheating. I felt sorry for him. My mother flew on the same plane with the both of them and she said he was so nice. He helped her with her luggage. Very sweet. With all their problems neither one needs to be married at all.

  2. Janet, who is ‘we’? do you have a large staff of writers and photographers like Harvey Levin?

  3. I agree she seems much nicer than he does. Total player, but, wasn’t he married when they hooked up? She was too, but, to womanizer and substance abuser Don Johnson, who could blame her? Poor thing, she went from the fire into the frying pan. Also, she was AB “in” into the Hollywood Scene. Before her, he was not a household name and mainly a Euro/Indie film actor.

  4. Poor Arlene, worrying about the staff again. Please worry more about threads like this that run over and over.

    Maybe you could volunteer to open the mail!

  5. The first mistake is her marrying a Spaniard. Cheating is in their genes and part of their culture.

  6. The truth is that Melanie had few options…no other heterosexual was beating on her door and the lesbians who were were very knarly!

  7. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. Time to remove the tattoo, always a mistake.

  8. Melanie is the picture post card for what happens when you smoke, do drugs and sun bathe for 30 yrs…no amount of plastic surgery can reverse that damage except good clean living.

  9. About 3 years ago, Antonio was being interviewed (I think was Diane Sawyer). When asked about Melanie, he said she was the kindest, most good-hearted, loving, generous soul of anyone he had ever known. He proclaimed his everlasting love and said he was so glad he married her. I guess after seeing her thru surgeries, plumped up lips, re-hab stays, he got sick of it and the grass started to look greener on the other side. Cheating will get ya every time.

  10. Strom…..

    You mentioned Melanie’s lack of wetness. Do you mean she is wet behind the ears? She is far from being wet behind the ears, this old gal has been rode hard and hung out to dry, and she started her fast-living very early.


  11. no, I was making my typical crude and ill informed sexual reference about a woman’s body. Mostly, its because I’ve never, personally experienced a physical relationship with an actual woman. Pathetic, I know …

  12. she laughed off the remarks she was a brainwasher?

  13. Good for Antonio. At last, hes free from the anorexic, mentally disturbed, surgery destroyed talentless hag. I wonder if she will ask again for the help of her Brazilian witch to get Banderas back….

  14. Poor Braindead, worrying about Strom’s international travels is far above your intellect. It’s not about poster’s!

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