Melania Trump wants to get back to work, but her husband Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is standing in her way. The former model had always planned to return to the runway once her only child, son Baron, was in college – and that’s exactly where he’ll be in just a few months. Melania has already been in contact with some top modeling agencies, as well as one of the biggest talent agencies in the world, about resuming her career (in addition to modeling she’d also like to book TV commercials, endorsement deals and more). Since Donald’s campaign will be in high gear once Baron enters college, the former President told Melania she had to put her comeback on hold. My source says that truth be told, Melania seems to support her husband’s candidacy, but she won’t exactly be heartbroken if he loses. Long story short, she’s ready to branch out again and feels the campaign and the potential presidency are roadblocks.


  1. This is funny. She has only one ‘sourpuss’ pose lol.

  2. Is this an April fools joke?
    Malaria is going back to escorting is probably what you meant to say.

  3. I am trying to imagine what brands would want to be associated with her…the base of supporters cannot afford the clothes she wears. The people who can generally abhor her and her husband. Sounds like a toxic combo for any brand.

  4. Is she serious? she is a bit long in the tooth to be an escort any more, and runway models are young enough to be her daughters.

  5. She has one expression–” I smell Donald’s farts.”

  6. Way too old to model, that ship has sailed. She could go back to being a call girl for seniors.

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