Can you imagine Prince Harry as Governor of California?  WE can’t, but Meghan Markle can! Keep in mind California’s governor Gavin Newsom won’t be able to run for re-election in 2026 due to term limits. So the job will be up for grabs. Aspiring Meghan feels Harry has what it takes to make it in US politics. Although he could never become president (because he wasn’t born here) there’s nothing stopping him from running for other offices – once he officially becomes a US CITIZEN as opposed to a permanent resident. According to our source, Harry has already started the process to obtain DUAL citizenship. He’ll keep his UK passport, but also hold an American one. After he achieves THAT goal, Meghan intends to encourage his run for SOME SORT of political office…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. He’s not a ‘prince’.

    He’s an illegitimate child with no Windsor blood.

    That’s why he was ousted from the royal family, stripped of his titles and forever banished to the colonies.

  2. Meghan is not so quickly coming to the realization that monetizing Harry is turning out to be more difficult than she and Jessica planned

  3. Is your country not already over populated with idiots in government, without that moron thinking he has something to say that matters

  4. If this were true, and I don’t believe it, he would have to give up his title. Once he became plain old Harold Windsor, what experience does he have that would qualify him for any public office? Or intelligence? Guy seems dumb as dirt, (not that we haven’t elected those!)

    Does anyone think he won’t cling to his only claim to importance? As has been said, he inherited a title but not the bona fides.

  5. Americans may remain American and hold titles of nobility. However no American governments can bestow titles of nobility, and no one holding such title can hold a government job.

    Very much doubt Harry would take a job that would mean he had to give up his title. It is laughable that anyone would think this very uneducated/stupid person who cannot even answer what do you do would be able to get elected. But hey, we’ve elected really bad people before!

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