We like to keep tabs on Meg Ryan – especially since she moved from Brentwood to New York. She hasn’t had a hit movie lately but that didn’t stop her from spending 8 million dollars on a 4000 sq ft New York loft in Soho. The 3 bedroom, 3 bath apartment belonged to Simpson’s voice Hank Azaria. See Real Estalker photos HERE. Meg may or may not have called it a day on her long distance romance with John Mellencamp, but she still has her two kids living in New York. Jack, 22 is an actor and has appeared in both Hunger Games movies, and Daisy is 9 and lives with her mom. We ‘re guessing Meg will keep herself busy totally refurbishing the place.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. it’s not worth 8 million. a unit of this size should sell for 1.5 tops but real estate has an overinflated value in so called prime areas.

    realtors are land barons and they’ve made so much money in nyc in the last 20 years they can afford to sit on a unit for YEARS until they receive their asking price.

    as long as there are suckers who will that kind if money for an apartment, the asking price will remain astronomical!

    8 million will get you a mansion, on a significant piece of property anywhere else except nyc.

  2. Meg has a lot of refurbishing on her plate. The icky carpets! The walls, the ceilings, the wood floor, the tile….replace everything. Would make my heart sink from the total bionic redo.

  3. Who wouldn’t think of this fixer upper as the perfect place to hide out and count all the loot that you made (back in the day) when you were portraying America’s sweetheart.
    Seriously, MR has earned the right to spend her “retirement” Not punching a clock, and catching up on her parenting skills. The youth of today are more advanced than yesteryear, so being Ms. Mom has got to be a full time job.

  4. She already bought this place in spring 2013, Janet.

    She has been busy directing a movie in Virginia the past two months. Tom Hanks, who is an exec producer, will be in it too for one or two scenes!

  5. SoHo means south Houston (pron. how-stun). I went to elementary school in this area many, many years ago – when it was a low/middle class area.

  6. The building and the space itsel are gorgeous Bette. She has made major changes to the place so it will look nothing like it does in the photos. Sounds like you r jealous perhaps?

  7. Looking at the floor plan, it is odd. I hope she tears down what she can of the inside walls and starts over.

  8. Someone has missed their major important movie lines of all time, er, um, (cough, cough) Sarah.

  9. “Meg may or may not have called it a day on her long distance romance with John Mellencamp”

    —–all the rags say she has.

  10. Leo. Meg’s not “retired”. She just directed a movie near where I live in Richmond. Bummer about her and Jon. I like him.

  11. Wait and see. A photo of them together in NY might pop up any time…

  12. I think(??) somewhere it was said he was already dating some other lady*

  13. Her fan website says it was not distance{shocking} or privacy that broke them up Hmm, Maybe he cheated on her.

  14. She would be so wise to build a great big model railroad on one of the floors and put apartments in all the other spaces for all of her friends and future railroader pals who’d prefer to crash close to their workspace or retirement home. As who’d want to live in NYC and go out in that heat or cold ? How close is it to the subway ? For that mad dash out of the cold and to get underground for the warmth.

    Then when it’s completed, she could sell tickets at the door for all to come and check out her museum.

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